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Sight Loss Charities and Societies

Products, training and guidance for sight loss charities, local societies and volunteers.

How Dolphin Supports Sight Loss Charities

If you’re looking for information and the right product to support your clients and service users, Dolphin can help.

We’ll arm you with the right information, advice, training and technology to suit a wide range of needs. This means you can help your clients make informed decisions.

Dolphin software helps people with sight loss maintain their independence. We develop technology that supports and empowers people who are visually impaired, at every stage of life.

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Resources for Your Charity

Free Guide to Assistive Technology

The Dolphin Essential Guide to Assistive Technology for the Home is a useful resource that helps your clients make informed choices on assistive technology.

It explains different types of technology and their uses, to help you advise on the different types of tech available to people with sight loss.


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Dolphin Friends Logo

Dolphin Friends

Dolphin Friends benefits UK charities and sight loss organisations working with people who are blind or partially sighted.

Free to join, Dolphin Friends is a partnership that entitles your organisation to free assistive technology and free staff training for your society, plus additional support and resources to help your clients make informed choices.

Dolphin Friends also receive a charitable donation from Dolphin when your service users purchase Dolphin software.

Find out more about Dolphin Friends in the UK and Dolphin Friends US.

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Training for Professionals & Volunteers

Dolphin offers product training courses to help you explain the benefits of Dolphin assistive technology to your clients and service users.

Free essential training on Dolphin products is also provided for sight loss charities and societies who join Dolphin Friends

If you have any training needs or would like to book training for you or your colleagues, please get in touch to arrange a visit.

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Free Webinars

Learn more about Dolphin products at a time that suits your workload, with Dolphin webinars.

These short online sessions are free to attend. They explore and demonstrate new features of Dolphin software, and new accessibility developments.

Dolphin webinars also provide you with the opportunity to ask questions about assistive technology. So you’re always up to date when you advise your own clients.

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Dolphin Software to Support Your Clients

Dolphin assistive technology products give your clients more opportunities to increase their independence, whatever their sight condition. The Dolphin range covers people with different visual impairments and varying degrees of computer experience. With your help, your service users will discover Dolphin software that meets their needs and improves their independence.


Easy to use assistive tech. Perfect for older people with degenerative sight loss, or people with limited computer experience.

SuperNova Range

Magnification, speech and screen reading you can rely on at home, at work and at school.


Open a world of accessible books and read with magnified text, speech and braille displays.


Help your clients find Dolphin assistive technology that fits their lifestyle. Contact us on 01905 754 577 to find out how Dolphin can help.


Customisable and incredibly easy to use, GuideConnect promotes independence, particularly for older service users with sight loss, who may not have much experience or confidence with technology. 
With GuideConnect, your clients can:

  • Use any device that suits their experience and mobility
  • Make accessible video calls to loved ones or your sight loss centre
  • Use simple controls to read websites, emails and accessible books
  • Scan and read print such as letters, labels and magazine articles
  • Listen to books, radio stations and podcasts.

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GuideConnect on desktop PC screen
SuperNova on a laptop


So much more than magnification and screen reading. With SuperNova your service users will find the assistive technology that suits their lifestyle and their sight. 

  • Three SuperNova editions to complement your clients’ sight level.
  • Customise colours, text magnification and speech for a personalised experience.
  • Clients can use SuperNova on their preferred device, or on multiple devices with a USB.
  • Specialist SuperNova packages are available for use at home, work or school.
  • Use all popular Microsoft apps accessibly, and access libraries with built in EasyReader.

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Open a world of accessible books with EasyReader. Available on a range of devices, Dolphin EasyReader App supports readers who are blind or partially sighted and makes reading accessible.

  • Free access to talking book libraries, so your clients can read more.
  • Settings for font, size and colour, your clients can customise.
  • Adaptable talking technology, to listen to books.
  • Access to the world’s largest collection of accessible book libraries.
  • App available on Windows, iOS, Android and Kindle Fire tablets and smartphones.

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EasyReader on a laptop and smartphone with the same text displayed on both screens.