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Common causes of sight loss


A range of articles that share information on the most common causes of visual impairments.

You'll learn more about sight loss conditions, their symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and where to find further advice and support.


  Sight Loss Conditions  

The Dolphin Blog

Championing inclusivity and accessibility in all its forms, the Dolphin Blog is filled with useful articles on accessibility for people with visual impairments.

Read blog articles to learn more about accessibility at work, accessible reading, inclusive education, assistive technology for visual impairments and neurodiversity, and the personal experiences of prominent blind and partially sighted people.


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Communicate your accessibility needs


Be My Best Self is a simple form to help you consider and communicate your accessibility needs.

Developed by Dolphin, it's a useful way to open conversations at work, in education or anywhere else. It's simple to use, and helps you identify any reasonable adjustments to enable you to be your best self.


  About Be My Best Self  


Learn more about accessibility for people with visual impairments!

We run regular webinars to inform individuals and professionals on ways to improve accessibility for blind or partially sighted people, in education and at work.

We offer webinar courses to highlight exciting new features in Dolphin products, and we run webinars in partnership with other prominent organisations and individuals to share our combined knowledge and experience of improving accessibility and inclusion

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To find out more about assistive technology, DEI and accessibility for people with visual impairments, read through some Frequently Asked Questions.

We'll help you understand the benefits of accessibility for people who are blind or partially sighted. We also explain more about assistive technology's impact on diversity, equity and inclusion.

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