Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA)

Keeps your Dolphin software up to date, with upgrades & updates delivered direct.

Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA)

All SuperNova and Dolphin ScreenReader licences purchased directly from Dolphin come with a 12-month Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA).

With each SMA you receive: 

  • All major upgrades for 12 months.
  • Priority 8 hour product support for customers based in the UK.
  • Access to EasyReader Premium

When you renew your SMA after the initial 12-month period, you save up to 15% compared to purchasing upgrades separately.

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Peace of Mind for Your New Software Licence

A 12 month SMA is included with all new SuperNova and Dolphin ScreenReader licences purchased directly from Dolphin.

This gives you the peace of mind that your Dolphin software will stay up to date all year, so you can take advantage of new upgrades and updates. This ensures your software delivers the best experience, with the latest innovations.

If you are purchasing from a trusted Dolphin dealer or reseller, please check that your purchase price also includes an SMA.

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All Major Upgrades For 12 Months

SMAs include all major upgrades for 12 months (or longer if purchased for multiple years). Recent SuperNova upgrades have included exciting new innovations, including: 

  • Support for updates to Windows 10 and 11 operating systems.
  • Improvements for using SuperNova with popular Windows applications, including Microsoft Office, Chrome, Firefox and Edge. 
  • New SuperNova features including touchscreen magnification, TrueFonts, Scan and Read, Connect and View and Place Markers. 
  • Access to EasyReader Premium with synchronisation across devices.

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Unlimited minor updates

Receive immediate access to the latest bug fixes and improvements,
plus software updates to keep up with the latest updates to Windows 10 and 11

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Save Money On Upgrades

An annual SMA costs up to 15% less than the cost of buying each upgrade separately.

To ensure you always get excellent value for money, and to help you plan your budget, the SMA renews annually. This ensures the cost of maintaining your Dolphin software is predictable and affordable.

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Priority Product Support

If you or your team need help with Dolphin ScreenReader or SuperNova, we promise to help within eight working hours.

UK priority support is included in the SMA. The Support Team is based in Worcester, UK and is available Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. Customers outside the UK have support delivered by our network of trusted dealers. 

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Delivered Directly To Your Computer

All your updates and upgrades are delivered to you directly. If you have an active SMA, you will receive both minor updates and major upgrades via your Dolphin software.

For major version upgrades, you will also receive a confirmation email with options to upgrade manually if you would prefer.

As a Dolphin SMA owner you are guaranteed to receive your upgrades first.

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Software Maintenance Agreement FAQs

Q. How do I get an SMA for my Dolphin software

Customers purchasing directly from Dolphin will receive a 12 month SMA with their new licence purchase, providing peace of mind that your Dolphin software will remain up to date. If you have a licence of SuperNova or Dolphin ScreenReader but do not have an SMA, contact Dolphin or your local Dolphin Dealer for information and advice.


Q. What is the cost of renewing an SMA?

For customers purchasing directly from Dolphin, your first year SMA is included in the cost of your Dolphin software. When renewing your SMA for another 12 months, the price is calculated based on 20% of the software cost.


Q. Is an SMA exempt from VAT?

If you are a UK customer and registered as blind or partially sighted, your SMA order will be eligible for VAT relief at 0%.


Q. Why should I renew my SMA?

An SMA includes all minor updates & bug fixes, as well as major upgrades for 12 months.  With an SMA you can save up to 15% compared to buying seperate upgrades in the same 12 month period.  It offers customers the best value for money as well as a predictable maintenance cost that is easy to budget for.


Q. Can I renew an SMA for longer than 12 months?

Yes. An SMA can be purchased for any number of years depending on your requirements. Talk to Dolphin or your Dolphin dealer about your accessibility needs today and in the future.


Q. Does the SMA automatically renew?

SMAs are an annual recurring plan but they do not automatically renew. To help ensure your software remains up to date, a member of the Dolphin team will contact you around the time when your SMA is due to expire. Dolphin reserves the right to amend the SMA costs on each anniversary of the agreement.


Q. Does an SMA include product support?

Yes. Telephone and email support is automatically included with all Dolphin software, but an SMA gives you priority 8 hour support.


Q. What do I receive when I renew my SMA?

You will receive an email confirming you purchased an SMA, along with details of your Dolphin software and serial number.  Please keep this email safe as evidence of your purchase. Unfortunately we can’t offer paper copies of your email, but please feel free to print a copy of your email confirmation.

SuperNova Upgrade Program (SUP)

Dolphin also offers the SuperNova Upgrade Program (SUP) as an alternative to the SMA. The SUP includes: