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The three Accessible Reading Webinars in this series are hosted by Dolphin Computer Access, together with guest speakers, all experts in their field. Each webinar will offer practical advice, drawing on real-life experiences, to share how accessible books and reading tools have empowered the students they've worked with.


You'll learn how accessible reading material ecourages and enables students with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) to read and learn independently.



Accessible Reading Series

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Webinar 1: Over a million free textbooks for students with SEND

1pm (GMT), 12 September 2023

Join Dolphin, together with guest speaker Rochelle Davis-Pretsell from RNIB Bookshare on 12 September 2023 at 1pm (GMT).

Discover the RNIB Bookshare service. This free book collection provides educators in the UK with over one million textbooks and other learning material, each made accessible for students with print-related disabilities.

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Webinar 2: A school-wide approach to inclusive reading for students with dyslexia

3pm (GMT), 27 September 2023

Join this webinar with guest speaker Steve O'Brien from the Dyslexia Foundation on 27 September 2023 at 3pm (GMT).

You'll learn some practical steps to help students with dyslexia to read and learn independently. Plus an introduction to the features of Dolphin EasyReader App that are designed to help young people with dyslexia read independently.

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Webinar 3: Simple steps for visually impaired students to read and learn on any device

1pm (GMT), 12 October 2023

Join this webinar with guest speaker Mary Long from from CENMAC on 12 October 2023 at 1pm (GMT)

In this webinar, you'll discover the importance of assistive technology and accessible textbooks, and the ways they help students with vision loss to read and learn independently.

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Exclusive offer: Free 60-day trial of EasyReader Premium

Each webinar in the series will also introduce you to EasyReader Premium. This is a service which enables students to read accessible textbooks and other reading material on screen. It can be used on any device, at school and at home.

Attending any webinar in this series means educators will be able to sign up for an exclusive, extended trial of EasyReader Premium for their school, to use free for 60 days.



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