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NEW: Connect & View – with a camera

Connect and View in use


Connect any high-definition (HD) camera to your computer and SuperNova Connect & View turns your tablet, laptop or desktop into a lightweight, portable video magnifier. 

Magnify newspapers, magazines, bills, labels and even objects onto your computer screen. 

Turn on Connect & View and the viewer displays what ever is under the camera lens.



Connect & View comes with a handy toolbar giving users instant access to the most popular features by mouse or touch:-

Connect & View toolbar

  • Increase and decrease the magnification

Use the increase and decrease magnification buttons on the toolbar to zoom in and out for comfortable viewing. Touchscreen users can also adjust the magnification with a 2 finger stretch  or pinch.

  • Rotate the image in the viewer

Convenient for when your document is accidentally upside down.  

  • Colour changer

If the image is difficult to see or the contrast poor, adjust the colours by repeatedly pressing the colour changer button that cycles through a variety of the most popular schemes including, invert brightness, high contrast black on white, high contrast white on black, yellow on blue, white on blue and yellow on black.

  • Lock your camera’s auto focus

If your camera includes an auto focus feature, you may prefer to turn it off as it can be distracting with magnification applied or when under fluorescent lighting.

  • Capture the image for further exploration

The capture image button copies the camera’s image, unmagnified, which can then be saved or added to a document for future reference.  Alternatively SuperNova can convert the image into text and read aloud using SuperNova’s "Scan and Read" options.  Also:

  • Adjust the viewing area to top, bottom, left or right side of the screen and the viewer can be set to fill 80%, 50% or 20% of your screen or even sent to a second monitor.
  • No need to move your worksheet around under the camera, or use an X-Y table – use the mouse or touch to explore your document easily.

NEW: Connect & View – the teachers’ interactive whiteboard

Connect & View the interactive whiteboard

With Connect & View from SuperNova, partially sighted students can connect to and magnify the teacher's interactive whiteboard on their own tablet or laptop.  The student can then customise the view to meet their own magnification and colour scheme needs.  The split screen feature enables them to make notes at the same time as monitoring what’s happening on the whiteboard.

Connect & View enables partially sighted students in mainstream classroom environments to work alongside their peers in the same way. Connect & View is quick and easy to set up at the beginning of a lesson and offers password enabled access for security. Inbuilt snapshot technology means a student can save a copy of the magnified screen at any time for use when they need it.

With SuperNova Connect & View low vision students can:

  • Magnify and explore the smartboard in comfort from their  own laptop or tablet
  • Apply a colour scheme to suit the information and their sight
  • View the magnified smartboard and their app, side by side
  • Take a snapshot for further exploration at their own pace or for a later date
  • Take a snapshot to read at home - quicker and more accurate than notetaking
  • Track the teacher’s mouse or cursor at the click of a button.
  • Create a profile for each classroom to ensure a quick start to each new lesson.

Staff and educators can be confident, thanks to:

  • Simple set-up at the start of the class with no disruption to other students
  • Password protection; ensuring documents are always safe & secure
  • Compatibility with ALL interactive whiteboards

NEW: Connect & View – the same presentation

Ideal in employment or during training, Connect & View also allows low vision audience members to connect to the presenter’s computer and follow the same presention, in real time, on their own device. Add magnification, colours to suit and screen captures at the click of a button and you’ve got a fully accessible workplace solution.

NEW: Line View – It’s back!

Back by popular demand, line view mode is now available in all supported operating systems – Windows 7, 8.1 & 10.  Ideal for users with a restricted field of vision, line view smoothly scrolls documents and web pages across in a single line so you can sit back and enjoy reading without the distraction of screen clutter or rapid mouse movement.  Set the font, colours and scrolling speed to suit your sight. Press the space bar to pause and resume scrolling, and use the arrow keys to fast forward or rewind.  Line view is particularly popular with people trained in eccentric viewing techniques.  

NEW: Polish books now available via Bookshelf from DZDN

Browse and read more than 7000 DAISY books now available via the SuperNova Bookshelf feature, from leading Polish book library Dział Zbiorów dla Niewidomych (DZDN). Search by author, title, book narrator, series and other options.

UK Patent Application No. 1601966.3

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