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NEW Windows 2016 64bit Server is now supported.

NEW settings options in the SuperNova Enterprise Configuration Tool:

  • Changing the location of the SuperNova Settings files is now more flexible, you can choose whether to load the users settings from HKLM or HKCU.
  • New support for the use of environment variables such as %USERPROFILES% when configuring the users’ settings files, this replaces the need for fixed paths making changes for all users much easier.
  • Adjust the performance of SuperNova’s magnification to optimise for your specific environment.
  • Export the settings from your Enterprise Config tool as a reg file for use on other servers\VM’s or as a backup.
  • Enable/disable the SuperNova Office Add-in.
  • Enable/disable the Auto restart of the Cbar service.
  • An option to use the alternative magnification hooking method is now found in the Support Section of the config tool.  This addition is designed to fix some magnification corruption issues in some applications.
  • All SuperNova Startup options have now been removed from the users’ SuperNova control panel and are now controlled and configured by the administrator in the SuperNova Config tool.

Updated System Requirements


Operating Systems:

•             Microsoft Windows 2008 R2 64bit Server

•             Microsoft Windows 2012 R2 64bit Server

•             Microsoft Windows 2016 R2 64bit Server


•             XenDesktop 5.5 to 7.16

•             XenApp 6.5 to 7.16


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