Languages supported: Arabic (France), Swedish (Arabic)

NEW: Support for Office 2019

FIX: Excel 2016 now speaks and highlights as expected

Some customers had reported that when editing a cell, ScreenReader wasn’t correctly announcing the cell contents. The focus highlight was also missing. Both of these problems have now been resolved.

FIX: Chrome

  • The recent Chrome 70 update affected customers entering characters into Google’s search edit area. Forms mode was exited and the Dolphin Cursor was being re-engaged. ScreenReader has now been updated to take account of Chrome’s change in behaviour.
  • The toggle button controls in Chrome’s settings page were not being reported.
  • The Dolphin Cursor was skipping the top row of buttons on the Office 365 account login confirmation page.

FIX: Guest Mode didn't work on Windows 7

A fix has been made for customers plugging their ScreenReader USB into a Windows 7 computer who had reported that Guest Mode wasn’t working. 

FIX: Windows Mail

Following a Microsoft update to the Windows Mail app ScreenReader wasn’t speaking the app as expected. This problem has been resolved.


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