Microsoft Word

FIX: Improvements to the magnification tracking in Microsoft Word form fields.

FIX: Improvements to general performance when tabbing through form fields in Microsoft Word.

FIX: Read Selection now works inside a table in Microsoft Word.

IMPROVEMENT: Added initial support for text that uses "Theme Colours" in Word 2007.

FIX: The name of Dutch formatting toolbar has been fixed in Microsoft Word 2007, Microsoft Word 2000 & Microsoft Word XP/2003.

IMPROVEMENT: Polish prompts have been added for Microsoft Word 2007, Microsoft Word XP/2003 and Microsoft Word 2000.

Microsoft Outlook

FIX: Selected text is now announced in Outlook 2007.

FIX: End Date was not being set correctly when in Calendar "Day View" - this may have resulted in a crash in some situations.

FIX: A fix has been included for Outlook XP/2003 users to fix problems with some appointments not being announced when you moved into that block.

FIX: When using Microsoft Word XP/2003 as the text editor, the CC edit area changed to use the CC prompt instead of Copy.

FIX: When using Microsoft Word XP/2003 as the text editor, the BCC edit area matched on ctrl ID and uses prompt.

FIX: When using Microsoft Word XP/2003 as the text editor, the Rich Edit DOM is now used.

IMPROVEMENT: Polish prompts have been added for Microsoft Outlook 2007.

FIX: In Outlook XP/2003 using the 7 day week view Calendar option, the number of appointments in a block are now announced correctly.


NEW: The conversation history and missed messages for text chat are now read.

UPDATED: The Application notes have been updated due to new script text conversation functionality.

Windows Explorer

ADDED: A detection script has been added to stop the announcement of numbers in the Vista and Windows 7 Start Menu .

FIXED: A detection script has been added for Windows 7 and Vista start menus to stop numbering of items. Previously these were being announced incorrectly.

FIXED: A win rule for the 'Select Updates' window has been added in Windows 7 to call the detection script to add in a container to stop the speech repeating incidental text, every time the focus moves.

Mozilla Firefox

FIXED: A problem when pressing Ctrl + Shift + H in library dialogues with tree views being discarded has been fixed.


FIX: A line of text in the "Setup Wizard" wasn't speaking.

FIX: In the "Startup Preferences" dialog, "Voice at user logon" and "Launch product after logon" options have been removed from the Pen editions of the product as they are not applicable.

FIX: The order of the options in the "Startup Preferences" dialog has been changed to group the items more suitably.

FIX: Dolphin Cursor "Quick Navigation" keys weren't working if the user was on a blank line.

FIX: In Notepad F3 (Find next dialog, speaks all the intervening text.

FIX: "Launch product after logon" was not working in Network installations.

FIX: Firefox "Item Finder" has had items regrouped and labeling changed.

FIX: When the user moves to a different window, and the focus is not inside the window, the magnification is moved to the window, rather than the focus.

FIX: Map file matching was failing to select an exact version match if there was also a map file that matched on a range of versions.

IMPROVEMENT: Added Lithuanian Computer code.

IMPROVEMENT: Polish prompts have been added to the Internet Explorer 7/8 map/Scripts and the Default Application map/Scripts.

Crash Fixes

CRASH FIX: dol_sit_24DA5 - User Feedback: "Using Live Messenger".

CRASH FIX: crash_1224_Snova\dol_sit_39AD2 - User feedback: "Using Outlook settings".

CRASH FIX: crash_1224_Snova\Snova_22012 - User feedback: "Windows 7 came out of standby, computer behaved sluggishly for a minute and then Supernova crashed".

CRASH FIX: Firefox - fixed possible crash when clicking links.

CRASH FIX: crash_1224_Snova\Snova_1994A5 - crash_1224_Snova.EXE_3858_220210_4084.

CRASH FIX: crash_1224_Snova\dol_sit_3393D.

CRASH FIX: Crash in Word XP when tabbing through a form.

Dolphin Scripting

FIX: Inserting an area stopped the possible deletion of the parent area.

FIX: Added sanity check to System.GetChildFromMSAAObject function to try and stop reported crash.

FIX: If you specified an area type in System.RegisterScriptKey, the checking routine would fail if the current area was inside the area and not the area itself.

IMPROVEMENT: Functions associated with System.RegisterScriptKey now get passed the scan code and modifier of the key as parameters.

IMPROVEMENT: Extension scripts can now be reloaded from the script editor.

IMPROVEMENT: The style parameter in EventApplicationNewText wasn't being passed correctly.

IMPROVEMENT: Added 'area' parameter to EventApplicationNewText which holds the screen reader area data of the new text.

IMPROVEMENT: Added MODIFIER_SHIFT for script keys to specify any shift.

IMPROVEMENT: Script keys can now be disabled in interactive / live / VF modes.

IMPROVEMENT: Added rewritten timer code. System.StartTimer and System.StopTimer now take a timer ID parameter to identify a specific timer. Existing scripts will need to be re-written.

IMPROVEMENT: Added flags parameter to System.RegisterScriptKey to specify whether a key is valid in live/interactive/vf mode.

IMPROVEMENT: Added System.GetRectangles function.

IMPROVEMENT: Added Selection processing functions to focus.lua.

FIX: Crash when pressing Ctrl+C in the Script Editor's find dialog.

IMPROVEMENT: Added context menu support for System.Include lines.

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