This is a stability release building on the 12.01 features release and provides increased reliability and resolutions to a number of reported problems.

New Applications:

  • NEW: A new Dolphin map & script for Windows Live Messenger 2011 is now available and included.
  • NEW: The Windows Live Mail map and scripts have been updated to include support for Windows Live Mail 2011.

Improved Operating System Support:

  • NEW: It is now possible to disconnect your Windows Terminal Server session and connect from a different client machine, without the need to restart SuperNova. Directly logging in to the server with SuperNova running is also possible.

Stability Fixes:

The Dolphin Development team have been able to successfully resolve a number of crashes and stability issues thanks to SuperNova's Error Reporting System. When Error Reporting is switched on, SuperNova will attempt to gather anonymous information about any unexpected errors, and return that information to Dolphin for analysis. To help Dolphin improve SuperNova, make sure error reporting is switched on from the Customer Feedback settings found from the SuperNova Help Menu.

  • CRASH FIX: A crash that occurred randomly in the Terminal Server environment has now been fixed.
  • CRASH FIX: A crash has been fixed which occurred having set a laptop to hibernate or standby and then powering back the computer.
  • CRASH FIX: A random crash has been fixed where multiple threads were accessing the same data.
  • CRASH FIX: A bug that was breaking the text detector in certain conditions, most commonly with Arabic text has been fixed. This fix will resolve crash issues for Arabic SuperNova users.
  • CRASH FIX: A crash has been fixed ensuring support at Startup and on the Secure Desktop is now more stable.
  • CRASH FIX: With Snova.exe crash when using Outlook on Windows XP.
  • CRASH FIX: A Snova.exe crash on Windows 7 whilst using iTunes.
  • CRASH FIX: Crash with dol_sit.dll whilst shutting down Windows XP.
  • CRASH FIX: A fix for a crash in dol_mem.dll under Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.
  • CRASH FIX: Whilst creating or editing emails in Outlook or using Microsoft Word under Windows XP.
  • CRASH FIX: A Dolphin Script engine crash has been fixed for 'ScriptingClose.'
  • CRASH FIX: Several dol_sit.dll crashes have been fixed for users of Windows XP and Windows 7.
  • CRASH FIX: A dol_sit.dll crash has been fixed which occurred when exiting iTunes.
  • FIX: A memory leak has been fixed in the DOM detector. This should improve general stability.
  • FIX: Various memory leaks have been fixed.

Outlook, Thunderbird & Access:

  • FIX: When using Microsoft Outlook 2003 the 'Select Names: Global Address List' dialogue that includes a list of internal contacts now speaks as expected.
  • FIX: Previously when using Thunderbird an intermittent problem may have occurred when no messages were in the Inbox, Deleted Items or similar folders. The speech would have incorrectly reported that you were still in the Folder list tree.
  • FIX: A bug where forms were not speaking correctly in Microsoft Access 2007 and Microsoft Access 2010 has now been fixed.

Multiple Monitors:

  • FIX: Previously some laptop docking stations were not compatible with SuperNova's multiple monitors, preventing the magnification appearing on the second monitor.
  • FIX: The "switch monitor hotkey" label in the multiple monitors dialog has been extended to accommodate the German translation.
  • FIX: When selecting the "Side by Side Applications" radio button found at Visual>Multiple Monitors>Display Mode for Extended Desktop, a dialogue box appears that reminds you of the hotkey to switch between monitors. This dialogue also includes a tick box to "Don't show this message again". Previously if you ticked this check box, the same dialogue would continue to appear.


  • FIX: Previously the magnification may have frozen on Windows XP when locking the desktop. This bug has now been resolved.
  • FIX: Caps Lock may have remained on, when Mouse Wheel + CAPS LOCK has been used as a SuperNova hotkey.


  • FIX: In certain applications, some synthesizers would incorrectly ignore the gap between Menu Items and their corresponding shortcut keys. This is due to variation in how synthesisers recognise different kinds of tab character. SuperNova now treats any normally spoken control character, not supported by the synth, as a space. This means that more menu items and their shortcut keys should be announced as expected.
  • FIX: The "Same as Screen Reader" check box in the "Voice Preferences" dialogue found via Speech>Voice Preferences> Voice & Language enables you to force the same language and voice to be used for Reading menus, Reading Dialogues, Performing a Read From Here and for the Dolphin Cursor. Previously this setting wasn't saving correctly.
  • FIX: A bug has been fixed that stopped Doc Reader's synthesizer reading speed being saved separately to SuperNova's overall reading speed. This has now been resolved. To control the reading speed of Doc Reader, launch the Doc Reader with CAPSLOCK + NUMPAD + , Select "Settings" by pressing Alt + S, and the reading speed can be controlled via the slider.
  • FIX: Previously the text labels for voices in the "Voice Preferences" dialog found via Speech>Voice Preferences> Voice & Language weren't shown as greyed out, despite their corresponding dropdown lists being greyed out.

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