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SuperNova Enterprise:

NEW: Organisations running SuperNova Enterprise in Citrix environments can now offer their low vision clients multiple monitors with magnification, speech and Braille.  New multiple monitor support in SuperNova Enterprise, ensures that low vision employees can have has much screen real estate as their job requires.

NEW: SuperNova Enterprise is now enabled for remote access across VMWare Horizon, empowering system administrators to deploy magnification, speech & Braille for clients with visual impairments.


NEW: SuperNova’s True fonts now spaces letters and other characters more evenly, ensuring crystal clear magnification that always looks good.

Connect & View:

NEW: Students using Connect & View to magnify the teacher’s whiteboard, can now also watch the same video being played as their sighted peers. SuperNova’s Connect & View feature now supports video playback via remote connection.

Doc Reader:

FIX: For multiple monitor users adjusting Doc Reader’s magnified view –only the magnification on the monitor that has mouse is adjusted. The view on the other monitor(s) remains as you left it.

FIX: Doc Reader no longer loses focus if you rotate the screen.

FIX: The option to word wrap whilst in single line mode has been removed.

FIX: Doc Reader’s export dialog now speaks and tracks as expected.

Windows 10:

NEW: Support for the newest standby (power saving) mode found on the latest laptops and tablets.

FIX: Support for the Windows 10 Calculator is now improved.


FIX: The Dolphin Cursor wasn't reading new pages on the Guardian news web site. This now works as expected.

FIX: Following a recent Chrome update, the Dolphin Cursor was skipping links on Chrome's settings page. This is now resolved.

Other Fixes

FIX: Previously pressing the ESCAPE key didn't stop the list utility processing a document. This is now fixed.

FIX: A fix has been made for a crash that was experienced when re-entering the list utility after selecting a chart in Excel.

FIX: The list utility performance has been improved in Excel and now includes comments, data and formula cells.

FIX: A crash has been fixed that was experienced when using SuperNova’s speech exceptions.

FIX: When editing a cell in Excel, the read selection key now announces the selected text.

FIX: A fix has been made to the 'Screen Reader with Visual Effects' profile that was previously showing all the magnification options in the Visual->Advanced Options dialog.


NEW: All 4 editions of SuperNova are now available in Welsh and Portuguese.

FIX: The help system has been updated for Polish speakers.

FIX: Some corrections have been made for Norwegian speakers.

Other v18 releases:

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