Dolphin SuperNova. New for V19. Now with Bold Fonts and Image Enhancements for superior contrast and clarity.

NEW: Bold Fonts – Improve Text Clarity

Boost the clarity of SuperNova’s crystal clear magnified text in Windows and your favourite apps with SuperNova 19’s new Bold fonts.

Watch the video:

‘True Font’ magnified text in your Office apps now BOLD!

Turn on ‘Bold fonts’ for all ‘True Font’ magnified text and make the text in your Office apps ‘pop’! Magnify your Word, Excel, Powerpoint & other apps as large as your eyes need, and not only will the text always stay super smooth, Bold fonts now also boosts its clarity.

Bold fonts for True Font magnified text is turned off as default. To ensure your True Font magnified text is even easier to read; turn on Bold fonts for True Font magnification using hotkey RIGHT SHIFT + NUM PAD 8 or at:  SuperNova Control Panel > Visual > Advanced > Font Enhancements.

Bold your Office apps. Bold True Fonts boosts test clarity in your office apps. Image shows comparison of Bold fonts for True Fonts both off and on.

Magnified text on Windows, webpages and other apps - now BOLD!

Maximise the clarity of magnified text and graphics on Windows 10, Firefox, Chrome and your other apps, with bold fonts. Choose low, medium or the high bold setting and the magnified text and graphics come alive and easier to read. Ideal for apps and websites that use light fonts with thin lettering.

Bold fonts for SuperNova’s standard font smoothing are turned on as standard. Adjust the bold font setting (low, medium, high) for SuperNova’s standard font smoothing at: SuperNova Control Panel > Visual> Advanced > Font Enhancements.

Bold text in other apps. Bold standard fonts for maximum clarity. Image show comparison of Bold Fonts off and on on a sample web page.


NEW: ‘Sharpen’ images and boost contrast

Boost and sharpen the clarity of images making them easier to see and their details clearer with SuperNova’s new sharpening feature. The edges of graphics and text become clearer, thanks to a graphical sharpening filter that SuperNova now applies. Control just how much sharpening you require, with the contrast and size sliders at: SuperNova Control Panel > Visual> Advanced > Image Enhancements.  Turn Sharpening on or off, using the hotkey RIGHT SHIFT + RIGHT CONTROL + NUM PAD 8.
Sharpen Images. Image sharpening makes graphics and text pop. Image shows comparison of image sharpening off and on.


NEW: Compact control panel option – increase available screen area

Switch to the SuperNova’s new compact control panel and maximise visual real estate. Ideal for users with small screens or anyone using high levels of magnification, the compact control panel takes up less of the screen, so you can see more of your magnified app. Switch to SuperNova’s compact control panel by pressing:
Windows Key + UP ARROW
Windows Key + DOWN ARROW
New Compact Control Panel! See more of you magnified app. Image shows comparison of the Control Panel and the Compact Control Panel.



NEW: VMWare Horizon – now fully supported within SuperNova Enterprise

Version 19 also introduces full support for VMWare Horizon, now available in the Enterprise edition of SuperNova.

NEW in Connect & View: Append images to create a multipage document

For SuperNova users with a camera or scanner, or students using Dolphin’s ‘Connect & Learn’ package.

Using your scanner or document camera, append additional pages to create a multipage document with SuperNova’s connect & view feature. Ideal for individuals who want to scan and listen to the longer print correspondence they’ve received. Or for students that are given multipage handouts in class. Control the order of your additional pages – add new pages, delete pages; you can even import and append a page from a file you’ve previously captured.  

Having created your new multipage document, we’ve also made it simpler to navigate that document.  Skip forward and backward through the multiple pages with any of these intuitive actions:

  • Click the Connect & View button
  • A keypress – page up or page down
  • Double finger tap – touchscreen users can double tap on the right or left of the screen, moving forward or backward respectively
  • Mouse click – click on the right or left of the screen to move forward or backward

NEW: Windows Narrator – SuperNova can now track the focus

For Windows 10 users that choose to use the inbuilt Narrator screen reader, SuperNova’s magnification will now track the Narrator focus. Turn on this new tracking option at: Control Panel > Visual->Advanced->Tracking.  Please note that Windows 10 October 2018 update or later is required.

Also New in version 19:

  • Books and textbooks from NCBI Ireland are now accessible via SuperNova’s Bookshelf feature.
  • Hardware zoom & colour support for third party video magnifiers. Press and hold the zoom buttons in Connect & View to adjust the camera zoom level on the camera, or use mouse wheel and regular SuperNova hotkeys. Switch between optical zoom for high quality and digital zoom to move around and scroll the image, without moving the camera or reading material. Useful for distance and desktop viewing

Bug Fixes:

FIX: Windows 7 users that were using SuperNova’s Connect & View feature and a large mouse pointer, may have experienced a crash when using the hotkey to switch the mouse pointer into the camera view. This is now resolved.

FIX: A crash was occurring when placing a grocery order on the website. This is now resolved.

FIX: Clients running SuperNova Enterprise on Citrix Server 2016 may have experienced the magnification failing when entering the lock screen. This is now resolved.

FIX: The Menu bar in Chrome (pressing Alt + Spacebar) now speaks Minimize, Restore, and Close as expected.

FIX: SuperNova now applies True Font text smoothing to words that include ligations (cursive or joined up letters) such as “ll” or “ti”.

FIX: Several stability fixes for users of the Chrome web browser.  

FIX: Several stability fixes for users of the Firefox web browser.  

FIX: Using SuperNova’s Find (F3) feature in Chrome may have caused a crash. This is now resolved.

FIX: SuperNova’s performance in Windows Explorer’s List view, on Windows 10 machines, is now improved.

Important information for Windows 7 users:

  • Please note that SuperNova 19’s standard bold and sharpening features are not available on Windows 7.
  • The next major release of SuperNova, currently scheduled for release Q1 2021, will NOT include support for the Windows 7 operating system.


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