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The EasyReader App for Windows (9.03) includes the following improvements:

  • NEW: Library - Bind Low Vision (New Zealand). The New Zealand library Blind Low Vision is now available in the EasyReader App for Windows. 
  • NEW: Library - Unitas (Switzerland). The Swiss library Unitas is now available in the EasyReader App for Windows.
  • NEW: OneCore voices. The EasyReader App for Windows now includes support for Microsoft OneCore voices which are available in Windows 10 and 11. To read a title using a OneCore voice, select the ‘Audio settings’ button in the Reader, then open from the ‘Voice’ dropdown. EasyReader will list all SAPI5 and OneCore voices for you to choose from.
  • NEW: Skippable options. A new option has been added to specify whether the voice should announce or skip image descriptions. To change this setting, open the ‘Audio settings’ in the Reader, choose the ‘Read skippable content’ button. You will now be able to select your preferences for announcing image descriptions and other skippable items. 
  • NEW: Text fonts. Two new fonts are now available in the Text Settings. Text from the Reader can now be displayed in Arial and in Times New Roman in addition to seven other fonts.
  • NEW: Word playback. Users can now quickly listen to any word in the Reader by double clicking (or double tapping) on the word. 


Additional fixes and improvements

  • FIX: Bookshare Ireland. EasyReader no longer freezes when attempting to open a book from the My Reading Lists option in Bookshare Ireland. 
  • FIX: DAISY 2.02. Fix to ensure that spaces are shown correctly after punctuation in DAISY 2.02 books.
  • FIX: DAISY 2.02. The 9.02 update included a fix to ensure page numbers were clearly identifiable in the Reader. In 9.03, a further fix has been applied to ensure that the new page number styling is only applied to page numbers with a numerical value.
  • FIX: DAISY 2.02. Fix to ensure that headings within a DAISY 2.02 book are highlighted correctly when they are being read.
  • FIX: Deleting books. Books in an audio format can now be deleted immediately after the book is closed. 
  • FIX: Internal links. The highlight now moves to the correct place in a book when an internal link (i.e. a link to a different section of the same book) has been selected. 
  • FIX: Lines Visible. When the Lines Visible option is enabled in the text settings, a minimum line spacing of 200% is now applied. This helps to ensure that the text remains clear when using the Lines Visible feature. 
  • FIX: Screen reader compatibility. Improvements have been made for using EasyReader with SuperNova and Dolphin ScreenReader. 
  • FIX: Translations. The EasyReader user interface has been updated with new translations for Dutch, French, German, Italian, Polish, Spanish and Russian.
  • FIX: Translations. The language setting for French Canadian is now correctly applied after it is selected. 

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