Learn Dolphin EasyConverter - Quick Conversion

Learn how to convert your word documents and PDFs into Speech, Braille, Large Print and DAISY talking books, with Dolphin EasyConverter. Find out more at https://yourdolphin.com/easyconverter


In this tutorial we are going to take a text file and convert it into an MP3. We are going to use the Quick Conversion tool for this. First of all we need to select Quick Conversion from the main EasyConverter screen. This takes us into the ‘Choose your input document’ stage. We can choose to use our scanner and scan a paper or a book or we can open a document that may already be on your computer. I’m going to select ‘Open a document’. Now I can choose browse and find the document. I’m going to choose tutorial 4. This is a Microsoft Word file that comes with Dolphin EasyConverter and can be found in the EasyConverter installation folder. The full file path is shown here next to the browse button. Now we can choose next and move on to the next stage of the conversion. The ‘Choose your alternative format and destination’ page allows you to choose which alternative format you wish to convert to. We can choose from text, DTB or Daisy, large print and Braille. I’m going to choose MP3. By default the output name of the conversion will be the name of the document that you have chosen to convert. I want to change this, so I’m going to change it to video tutorial. The location that the output is going to be saved to is shown here. If you wish to change it, click on ‘Browse’ and find another location. Additional Destinations. I can save an additional copy of my output to another destination. I can choose to save it to another folder on the PC, a CD or DVD or even a USB device. I do not want to do this, so I am just going to select ‘No copy to’. I can now choose ‘Finish’ to start my conversion. The status bar shows us how the conversion is progressing. If you want to cancel the conversion at any point, choose ‘Abort conversion.’ Once the status bar reaches 100% I can choose ‘Done’. My MP3 is now shown in ‘Resulting alternative formats’. If I want to listen to my MP3 I can choose ‘View Output’. The MP3 is then opened in Windows Media Player. You have just seen how to convert a text file into an MP3 using the quick conversion tool.

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