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What's new in SuperNova 15.02?

It seems no time at all since SuperNova 15 was released, but we’ve been working hard on our next update, and now 15.02 is here with speed and performance enhancements as well as new features, improved features, and fixes.

Shaping what you see

Quad Tint mode and Contrast Boundary controls for Custom Colour Changing

This is a new addition to SuperNova’s Custom Schemes; a 4-colour system enabling the user to eliminate poor contrast of Text, Menus and Borders by setting luminance points. This will be particularly beneficial in newer versions of Windows; help the user to see more in low contrast scenarios. We’ve also included a new colour palette test image, to help you assess your custom colour boundaries.

Getting Easily Connected

The ability to connect your scanner to SuperNova without complicated wizards

If your scanner is supported by WIA in Windows (most scanners purchased in the past 15 years will be) then you will be able to connect the scanner to your computer, let Windows install it and the scanning option in SuperNova will be automatically enabled, thanks to a new module we’ve installed in v15.02.

What’s been improved in v15.02?

Seeing More with Greater Clarity

Added more areas of TrueFonts in Windows 8.1 & Windows 10:

TrueFonts make text crystal clear at any magnification for the user. We’ve improved TrueFonts within the Desktop, Context Menus, System Tray, and the System Clock.

Improved High Contrast Colour Schemes

High contrast Black on White & White on Black

Staying effectively connected

Windows Live Mail 2012 improvements including fixes for the following:

FIX: Lines of text containing objects & links were not completely spoken

FIX: Focus getting stuck in the subject edit area when tabbing out of and back into the message window. 

FIX: Table co-ordinates were not being spoken inside HTML emails containing tables

FIX: Lopped speech when selecting text in subject line

FIX: Email address being spoken even after deletion when performing Read Line action

FIX: Unable to navigate to details within a received HTML email with attachment

FIX: Subject field not spoken or Brailled in Live Mail

FIX: Unable to review text with left and right cursor keys when composing an email

Getting Started Smoothly

The newly improved SuperNova Installer making the experience better.

A clearer more seamless experience from unpacking, to language selection, to installing your product with updates at every step

Bringing Us Up To Date

Added and amended new branding iconography

You’ll see new branding and iconography for SuperNova Magnifier and Screen Reader in line with our new Dolphin brand.

A Better Reading Experience

NEW: We’ve added support for playback of CNIB protected books.

FIX: Unicode is now allowed in path for audio; this was reported from Japan where parts of the audio MP3 path contained Japanese characters but was an issue for other languages as well.

FIX: Quicker refresh of HTML when adjusting certain settings (for Supernova, this only happens when using "simplified document" reader option)

Additional fixes in v15.02

FIX: Added 'All supported file types' to Scan and Read > From File option. In the “Open” dialog box, the default is set to “all supported file types” so you will see all documents instead of having to change the file type in the dropdown menu.

FIX: The Onscreen Touch keyboard now supports the Hebrew layout

FIX: Intermittent hanging of SuperNova when shutting it down

FIX: Crash in dol_hook if KB2670838 update is not installed in Windows 7

Other v15 releases:

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