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What’s New in SuperNova 15?

Following the success of our public beta, Dolphin is pleased to present SuperNova 15 – the first and only magnifier and combined screen reader with support for the newly released Windows 10.

Support for Windows 10

So what’s new in Windows 10 for SuperNova users? The start menu is back, bringing with it greater efficiency. For magnification and mouse users the new, more compact Start Menu requires much less travel around the magnified screen when trying to find an app; while speech users will be delighted to hear that the Search Box has returned, and it performs much like the Windows 7 search that was so useful.

You can create multiple desktops and scroll between them; making it easier for Magnifier users to switch between applications to work on multiple documents simultaneously.

SuperNova 15 supports these new Windows 10 features, as well as offering all the benefits of SuperNova 14, including scan and read with OCR, Bookshelf for downloading accessible content from online libraries, and touchscreen support for tablets.

Meet the New SuperNova Family

We’ve changed the family slightly, making it even easier for you to identify what’s best to suit your needs. Choose from one of three editions, all of which offer crystal clear magnification, high contrast colour schemes and customisable mouse pointers – allowing you to tailor your experience to your own visual requirements.

All 3 editions are compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10 and can be used on a tablet, laptop or desktop computer:



SuperNova Magnifier offers magnification up to 64 times with no loss of clarity even at the highest levels, with pan & adjust magnification on tablets and touchscreen laptops, with the touch of a finger.


SuperNova Magnifier & Speech has the added benefit of natural-sounding voices to speak your web pages, apps, documents and emails, as well as reading aloud characters and words as you type, boosting your confidence and your productivity. With the independent OCR scan and read facility, paper documents and PDFs also become fully accessible.


SuperNova Magnifier & Screen Reader is ideal for individuals whose sight is changing, or for organisations providing screen access to people with different sight levels. Offering the same OCR scan and read and natural voices as Magnifier & Speech, additions like the Dolphin Cursor and Item Finder to identify what’s on screen, and refreshable Braille make this product suitable for all.

ScreenReader is now an individual product and stands alone from the SuperNova family.

As always, features are fully customisable to meet the needs of the user, from magnification size to voice to speed – making any SuperNova Magnifier product all about you.

Known issues

Microsoft’s new Edge browser is inaccessible and not supported. If you try to use Edge, you’ll receive a message advising you to switch to Internet Explorer. This is a Microsoft development issue. The same applies to Microsoft Store and many Metro apps.

If you’re a Windows 10 touchscreen user you may experience a lack of response when toggling highlighting on. This is a Microsoft bug which they are working to resolve.

When you leave the start menu in Windows 10 the speech output may intermittently disappear, but it will come back after a few seconds. Again this is a Microsoft bug. Turning off live tiles in the start menu can help.

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