Languages supported: Arabic (France), Swedish (Arabic)

NEW: Support for Office 2019

FIX: True Fonts in Office 365

An update to Office 365 had caused SuperNova to corrupt the magnified text in Outlook’s calendar and pull down menus. These problems have now been fixed.

FIX: Excel 2016 now speaks and highlights as expected

Some customers had reported that when editing a cell, SuperNova wasn’t correctly announcing the cell contents. The focus highlight was also missing. Both of these problems have now been resolved.

FIX: Crash with multiple graphics cards

A fix has been made for customers running SuperNova on machines with multiple graphics cards that maybe have been experiencing a start-up crash.

FIX: Chrome

  • The recent Chrome 70 update affected customers entering characters into Google’s search edit area. Forms mode was exited and the Dolphin Cursor was being re-engaged. SuperNova has now been updated to take account of Chrome’s change in behaviour.
  • The toggle button controls in Chrome’s settings page were not being reported.
  • The Dolphin Cursor was skipping the top row of buttons on the Office 365 account login confirmation page.

FIX: Guest Mode didn't work on Windows 7

A fix has been made for customers plugging their SuperNova USB into a Windows 7 computer who had reported that Guest Mode wasn’t working.  

FIX: Enterprise Config in SuperNova Enterprise

SuperNova Enterprise customers who were using the Enterprise Config to export the registry file from 64 bit machines had reported the wrong settings were included. This has now been fixed.

FIX: Windows Mail

Following a Microsoft update to the Windows Mail app SuperNova wasn’t tracking the magnification or speaking the app as expected. This problem has been resolved.


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