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What's New in SuperNova Version 17.04?

NEW: Support for Skype 8

SuperNova 17 now supports the desktop client edition of Skype 8 which Microsoft are rolling out for mandatory update on November 1st.

NEW: Support for Mozilla Thunderbird e-mail client

SuperNova 17 now supports the Mozilla Thunderbird email application.

Improvements to Chrome and Firefox support

Version 17.04 includes continued improvements to SuperNova’s Chrome and Firefox support.  Fixes include behaviour in Gmail’s composition window (edit area) and the performance of the Dolphin cursor in paragraphs.

NEW: Enterprise Configuration Option & XenDesktop for Windows 10

A new option for Enterprise Configuration includes the option to specify the graphics adapter used by SuperNova’s magnification. Also included is a fix for Enterprise Magnification on XenDesktop for Windows 10.

FIX: True Fonts in Office 365

True Fonts are again working having been broken by the latest Office 365 update issued by Microsoft.

Other Fixes

  • Fix for Excel edit areas
  • Fix for Swedish users accessing Podcasts via LaunchPad
  • Fix for the Mouse Pointer image list box which was incorrectly displaying the chosen focus highlight
  • Fix for LVI MagniLink camera users using SuperNova USB in ‘Full Access’ mode


We are also pleased to confirm that SuperNova 17.04 is tested and confirmed ready for the Redstone 5 Windows October Update.

NB. To ensure your SuperNova magnification, speech and braille supports the latest Windows 10 updates from Microsoft, we recommend joining the SuperNova Upgrade Program.

SuperNova Upgrade Program

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