Start-up and Logon

FIX: A bug found at the Windows Logon where SuperNova would not speak has been resolved. This bug was created by following the normal SuperNova installation process, but quitting before installing Orpheus.

FIX: Some users may have noticed a problem where SuperNova appears to refuse to launch whether using the hotkey, desktop icon or Start menu. This problem has been resolved in the version 12.05 update. Ontime #21516.

Microsoft Windows 7 Support

FIX: Windows 7 user may have been experiencing problems when renaming folders or applications (using F2) where the text won't read and only announced "cursor left", "cursor right" etc This bug has been resolved. Ontime #20497.

FIX: When using the Windows 7 Classic theme the dialogue to 'Select a Windows Update' wasn't reading the check boxes and radios. This has been resolved. Ontime #20744.

FIX: A bug has been fixed when renaming a folder in Explorer using Windows 7 or Windows XP. Occasionally the speech would stutter if deleting characters. Ontime #20469

FIX: The Calculator in Windows 7 wouldn't read when large numbers were being handled. This is now fixed.

Microsoft Office Support

FIX: The 'Format Cells' dialogues in Excel, PowerPoint and Word 2010 and 2007 were not speaking the colour picker correctly. SuperNova v12.05 now correctly reads the RGB values. Ontime #20858.

FIX: When using Microsoft Office 2010 in Classic Theme the buttons and dialogues were not speaking. This bug has now been resolved.

FIX: Word 2007's Reviewing Pane is now supported.

FIX: Customers running Outlook 2007 in 64-bit editions of Windows 7 may have noticed that their inbox graphics such as "has attachment", or "unread" were not being read. This has now been resolved.

FIX: In some circumstances the spell checker in Outlook 2007 was performing slowly, and double reading the spell checker's suggestions. This bug is now fixed. Ontime #20161.

FIX: Greek customers running Outlook 2007, Outlook 2003 or Outlook XP may have experienced the menu bar not reading correctly. This bug has been fixed in the SuperNova version 12.05 update.

FIX: The Outlook 2007 script was presenting a script error in Outlook's 'Save As' dialogue.

CRASH: Abandoning the spellchecker using the escape key in Outlook 2003 caused a crash. Ontime #20425

FIX: When adding a new contact in Outlook 2003, as you cursor up and down in the 'Add New Contacts' dialogue, some buttons and edit areas were reading incorrectly.

FIX: The 'Insert File' dialogue was not speaking correctly, however this is now fixed. Ontime #20708.

FIX: When receiving a meeting invitation via the Outlook 2003 calendar, the sender's name and the invitees' names were being read as "Inserted object". This bug is now resolved. Ontime #20236.

FIX: A bug has been fixed where when receiving an email in Outlook 2003, the sender's information was reading as "embedded object".

FIX: Microsoft Excel XP users running with the Windows Classic display Theme may have had problems where the format cells dialogue wasn't speaking correctly. Ontime #20472.

Save and Restore Settings

FIX: After importing user settings via the File>Import>User Settings option in the SuperNova control panel, the speech rate setting was not updating correctly. This has been fixed in the SuperNova v12.05 update. Ontime #21313

FIX: When quitting SuperNova, some synthesiser settings were not being saved. This is now fixed. Ontime #20769

FIX: A custom map option has now been added to SuperNova's web page settings.

FIX: In previous versions of SuperNova Access Suite an incorrect prompt was showing having changed SuperNova's settings. The correct prompt is now displayed. Ontime #21283.

Magnification Fixes

CRASH: A magnification crash has been fixed when locking a computer with dual monitors, running Windows XP Service Pack 3. Ontime #20862, # 21299.

FREEZE: A freeze has been fixed that occurred when attempting 'Line View from Cursor' in a Word 2007 document. Ontime #21547.

FIX: Some further fixes for screen corruption whilst using SuperNova's True Fonts have been fixed.

FIX: Magnification users may have noticed that the magnification focus at the Windows logon screen was not centred to the user name and password. This has been fixed for the version 12.05 update.

NEW: Support for Java Accessibility has been updated to include support for Windows 7 64-bit Java Access Bridge classes.

FREEZE: A fix has been included where exiting SuperNova Screen Reader using CAPSLOCK + F4 caused a Java Document Object Model (DOM) freeze. Ontime #21297

Other Applications

UPDATE: The iTunes version 10.04 update prevented SuperNova from reading the list of music and iTune's menus. SuperNova's scripts have been updated to support the v10.04 update and have resolved these problems. Ontime #20890.

FIX: A crash has been fixed which users may have experienced whilst iTunes updates a linked iPhone. Ontime #20640

FREEZE: Sometimes when selecting a link in a PDF document the speech and keyboard appeared to freeze. This freeze is resolved. Ontime #21536.

FIX: When using Windows Live Mail the keyboard tool tips were interfering with the speech as visually the tooltips clipped the ribbon's tabs. This problem has now been resolved. Ontime #20085.

FIX: The v12.05 update includes updated map and script files for Dolphin Publisher users. These maps and scripts include ensure optimum speech and Braille access

FIX: Dolphin Publisher users who also have Internet Explorer 9 on their PCs may have noticed that the links on their start screen weren't reading correctly. This has been fixed in SuperNova's version 12.05 update. Ontime #21617.

FIX: Customers running SuperNova and EasyConverter, may have noticed that the settings dialogue wasn't reading accurately. This is resolved in the version 12.05 update. Ontime #20859.

FIX: SuperNova now supports WinZip Self-Extractor's open dialogue. Ontime #19854.

UPDATE: Updated support for Visma's Finance, Logistics, Payroll, and Accounts software is now included in version 12.05.

Other Fixes

CRASH: A SuperNova dolsit.dll crash has been fixed that occurred with an 'Access Violation' error in Windows XP Service Pack 3. Ontime #20623

CRASH: A temporary crash fix has been created for the website whilst using Internet Explorer as your web browser. Ontime #21630.

FIX: SuperNova's Watchdog feature now collects more information enabling Dolphin's developers to address more freezes in future releases.

FIX: When SuperNova's Product Improvement Programme asks the user for more details about a recent problem, SuperNova now prompts for information relating to the "freeze", or the "crash".

FIX: If SuperNova fails to start up an error code is saved in Supernova_exit_error.log (the log file will be located in the folder C:\Users\<user name>\AppData\Local).

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