SuperNova version 12.06 is more responsive, more robust and features: Faster True Fonts; dozens of magnification productivity fixes for Microsoft Office; changes to better support latest versions of iTunes and Windows Live Mail; more consistent experience for those customers who prefer using Windows Classic Theme; And thanks to SuperNova’s Customer Feedback system, greater overall stability.


SuperNova's True Font technology, which keeps even the largest magnified text perfectly smooth, is now faster and more reliable than ever, thanks to significant architectural changes.

Screenshot showing super smooth fonts in Spotify with SuperNova

NEW: SuperNova’s True Fonts are now improved to support the shadowed text used by Facebook and Spotify #19001.

TIP: True Fonts can be switched On and Off from the SuperNova Control Panel: Visual menu > Advanced dialog > Magnifier page > Font Smoothing radio button. You can also cycle through the various font smoothing modes with LEFT CONTROL+NUMPAD 8 in the default 101 desktop hot key set.

FIX: Changing magnification size, the focused position is more reliably tracked and remembered in version 12.06.

FIX: Fractional magnification levels such as 1.2 and 1.5 times now display without screen corruption around the mouse pointer. #20316.

Microsoft Word

FIX: Microsoft Word 2010, Resolved a problem where writing in compatibility mode, then cutting and pasting from another Word document could result in a crash.  #21370

TIP: The Microsoft Word hot key to open Backstage is ALT+F.

TIP: SuperNova's CAPS+F1 Help includes a list of Word hot keys to change text styles such as bold, italics, underline etc. Within Word, press CAPS+F1, choose the Microsoft Word topic, then choose Popular Word Hot Keys.

FIX: Microsoft Word headers, with text selected magnification now tracks as expected. #18897.


FIX: Firefox click on shortcut to mp3 file with QuickTime installed no longer freezes. #15897 and #21751

FIX: Internet Explorer 8 no longer hangs when opening the Item Finder on #21752

TIP: The Item Finder is a convenient way to get an overview of all the links, headings, controls, tables and frames on a web page. Start the Item Finder with CAPS+TAB.

Other applications

iTunes, Windows Live Mail, Kindle, Skype and more.

NEW: iTunes version 10.5, column browser now tracked as expected. #21288.

NEW: Amazon Kindle for PC reintroduced limited support. Note. The document window remains inaccessible. However, the rest of the user interface should track and be announced as expected. Useful for playing self-voicing titles.

Launch Pad

Launch Pad opened with CAPS+F10 provides convenient access to a range of Radio Stations, Podcasts, RSS feeds, Dictionary lookup, Weather and Walking Directions.

Launch Pad dialogs may not be announced if CAPS+F10 is pressed from the SuperNova Control Panel, or if the General>Control Panel>Hide When Minimised checkbox is checked. Otherwise the Launch Pad will continue to work normally.

SuperNova General

IMPROVEMENT: General keystroke performance improvements.

FIX: "Highlighting" settings are now automatically saved. #17941

FIX: SuperNova Control Panel, viewed using Windows Vista or Windows 7 themes, now tracks and speaks consistently.


FIX: At the Windows XP logon, the password box now correctly gains the focus. #20780.

FIX: Various startup preferences related to magnification and speech at logon. #21423.

FIX: Tree view controls not speaking in 64-bit applications - such as Regedit. #22344.

FIX: A fix has been implemented for a crash on a Vista workstations when the group policy "Always wait for the network at computer start up and logon" is enabled for a domain logon. #16523.

FIX: When SuperNova is set to automatically load on start up, there were occasions when SuperNova would then close down without an error message.  This is now fixed. #21516

IMPROVEMENT: SuperNova’s Watchdog has been improved to catch product hangs in the Off Screen Model, as well as now capturing additional information in its hang logs to enable Dolphin to more easily diagnose hangs.

Scripting & Mapping

IMPROVEMENT: SuperNova's script lock has been upgraded to be more secure.

FIX: A fix to prevent the intermittent deadlock between the detect-lock and the script lock has been implemented.

FIX: The "remote mapping" system has been removed from SuperNova. #14334, #14335

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