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EasyReader Features List

Access Book Libraries

A better way to access your favourite library

EasyReader provides direct access to browse, download and read from your preferred accessible book libraries. Have your library login details to hand the first time you use it, EasyReader will remember your details after that.

Libraries include:

  • RNIB Bookshare (previously Load2Learn) (UK)
  • RNIB Reading Services (UK) ​​​​
  • Calibre Audio (UK)
  • Bookshare® (US)
  • Vision Australia (Australia)
  • Anderslezen (Belgium)
  • CELA (Canada)
  • DZDN (Poland)
  • Inläsningstjänst AB (Sweden)
  • KDD (Czech Republic)
  • Legimus (Sweden)
  • LKF (Russia)
  • NLB (Norway)
  • Nota (Denmark)
  • Passend Lezen (The Netherlands)
  • Project Gutenberg (All languages, no login required)
  • SBS (Switzerland)


More Libraries

Smartphone with the Libraries UI onscreen.

Accessible Newspapers

More Than Books

Smartphone with the newspapers UI onscreen.

Accessible Newspapers - delivered to your phone

If you subscribe to an accessible newspaper service, login with EasyReader and it delivers local, national or international newspapers and magazines directly to your phone or tablet.

The following newspaper services are supported:

  • RNIB Newsagent (UK)
  • Bookshare® Periodicals (US)
  • ATZ (Germany)
  • MTM Taltidningar (Sweden)
  • NKL (Finland)
  • Passend Lezen (The Netherlands)

Read books and documents from your device

You can use EasyReader to open and read accessible books and files stored on your device. Simply find the file on your device storage and choose 'Open in EasyReader'. You can open any Word (.docx), text (.txt), DAISY (.odf) or unprotected EPUB (.epub) file. Once you've opened the book once, it will be saved to your 'My Books' list so you don't have to sideload it again.

Copy and read text

Copy text from anywhere on your phone or tablet – including websites, emails, notes - and use EasyReader to read it in the way you prefer. Simply copy and add the words to 'My Clipboard Text' and press play. EasyReader announces the text with the inbuilt speech synthesiser. You have control of the audio settings to pause and skip, speed up and slow down speech.  

You have the same reading control with clipboard text as you do with a published audio book. With EasyReader, you can add, save and delete as many Clipboard texts as you need.

Book Navigation

Skipping through your new book is easy, with intuitive search and navigation features in EasyReader.

Book Reader Features

This area includes options to browse or read your books:

Side Menu Icon

Side Menu

Find a book or newspaper to read from a library.

Open a clipboard text to read.

Search Icon


Search for a word or phrase in the book.

Bookmark Icon

Add Bookmark

Easily remind yourself of key passages in the text. 

Add text notes to bookmarks.


Text Settings Icon

Text Settings

Set up and amend all text settings to suit your sight requirements.

Choose bespoke settings for font, text size, spacing, colours and more.

Audio Settings Icon

Audio Settings

Set up and amend audio settings to suit your requirements.

Choose your preferred settings for voice, reading speed, pronunciation and more.

Book Option Icon

Sleep Timer

Access by tapping the Book Options icon.

Set a timer for EasyReader to stop reading after 15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes.


Book Navigation Icon

Book Navigation

Open a list of headings, page numbers and bookmarks.

Play, pause, previous, next icons.


Play and pause the reading voice.

Use the Next and Previous buttons to skip forward and backwards through text.

Navigation Mode Icon

Navigation Mode

Choose how far the Previous and Next buttons skip in the book.


Smartphone with the Book Reading UI onscreen.

Audio Book Settings

Smartphone with EasyReader Book Reading UI onscreen.

Huge Choice of Reading Voices

EasyReader reads both audio and text-based books. Audiobooks are played using pre-recorded human narration. For text-only books, EasyReader uses human-sounding synchronised speech to read, this is sometimes referred to as 'Text-to-Speech' or 'TTS'. You can adjust the reading speed of the speech to suit your own preferences. The highlights synchronise perfectly with the speech so you can read along.

With an EasyReader Premium subscription, you have access to all the voices available on your phone or tablet in the EasyReader App. Use your preferred voices to use speech to read a text-only book, read a newspaper or announce text from your clipboard.

In the Voices section of the EasyReader App, you can use the 'play' button to listen to samples of the voices before you decide which you'd like use for text-to-speech reading.

There are dozens to choose from and they are available in different languages.

Playback with Synchronised Highlights

EasyReader highlights the text on screen in perfect synchronisation with the audio, so you can read along visually as you listen to a book.

Use the play button to start and pause reading, or use a two-finger tap on your smartphone or tablet screen. You can also skip forward or rewind in various increments – line, paragraph, chapter etc.

Pronunciation Lists

If the EasyReader voice announces a word incorrectly, you can use the pronunciation feature to teach EasyReader how to say it correctly. This is ideal when you read a book with unusual character names, lesser-known locations, or books with specialist vocabulary.

Text Fonts, Colours, Sizes and Spacing

Adjust how your book looks so you always have a comfortable reading experience. On a touchscreen device, use intitutive gestures to make changes on the go. Alternatively, use the EasyReader text settings option to make adjustments:

Text size

With EasyReader you can adjust the text you’re reading so it’s as large as you need.  If your sight fluctuates, or your eyes tire throughout the day, with EasyReader you can simply pinch to zoom on the touchscreen to increase and decrease text size.


EasyReader has a variety of pre-set colour schemes designed for accessibility. Choose the colour scheme to suit your reading requirements. Choices include high-contrast colours for people with low vision as well as colour schemes with a more gentle contrast designed specifically for people with dyslexia. 

With EasyReader, you can also create your own colour scheme. Personalise colours for the text, background, sentence highlights and the word highlight.


Choose a book’s default font, or pick another to suit your sight or reading requirements. EasyReader includes a range of popular sans-serif and dyslexia-friendly fonts to improve the reading experience.

With EasyReader, you can easily adjust the letter and line spacing, which can make reading more comfortable.

Smartphone with EasyReader Text, Colours and Fonts Settings onscreen.

Explore EasyReader

Everything about EasyReader is intuitive and easy to use

My Books

A list of your available book titles. Navigate through your books using:

Book Cover Icon

Book Cover

Tap the cover to open the book you want to read.

Sort Icon


Sort books list by title, author or recently read.

Search Icon


Search the My Books list for downloaded titles.


Book Info Icon

Book Information

Find information about each book.

Includes the title, author, format, size and synopsis.

Download book to device button.

Side Menu Icon

Side Menu

Choose a library. 

Select a new book or newspaper to read.

Open clipboard text to read it with audio or magnification settings.

Tile View Icon

List or Tile View

Choose to display the books in your library as tiles or as a list.

Smartphone with My Books UI onscreen.

EasyReader Video Tutorials

Learn how to use each of the EasyReader features in these Dolphin video tutorials. Choose a playlist below to watch the EasyReader features in action:

Get more from EasyReader

Premium features and services for libraries and app developers are available now.