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Accessible and easy to use, simple step-by-step menus in GuideConnect help people who are new to technology easily navigate different tasks.

The menu options in GuideConnect are designed with care, to be accessible to more people with low vision and partial sight. Text and icon sizes are easy to customise for different sight levels, while high-contrast colour schemes further improve viewing comfort. For people who are blind or have sight that fluctuates, human-sounding voices guide you through all the options on screen.

A choice of controls and devices are available to suit each person’s technical experience and mobility.

GuideConnect on a PC with a touchscreen monitor

Simple & Accessible Communication

Video Calling icon

Send and Receive Video Calls

Use accessible video calling in GuideConnect to connect with loved ones on screen.

Your trusted contacts can video call you through the Dolphin Friends & Family Video Calling feature.

Emails icon

Send and Receive Emails

Read your emails aloud or magnify to read on-screen.

Type or dictate emails and send to the contacts in your address book.


Letters icon

Read and Compose Letters

Use 'Scan & Read' feature in GuideConnect to read printed letters.

Type letters out to send in the mail or send via email. 

Choose to type or dictate letters.

Documents icon.

Read and Compose Documents

Type or dictate documents and read them on screen with magnified text or speech.

Read PDF documents on screen in their original layout or a text-only view. Scan and read image-based PDFs and complete PDF form fields.


See these features in action with our video tutorials.

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Independent Access to Information

Browse websites icon

Browse Websites

Simple controls help you explore the internet. Magnify websites on screen and have the text and button information read aloud.

Scan and read icon

Scan and Read Print

Scan printed articles or letters and use GuideConnect to read them back to you. You can also view a magnified version on screen.

Save and view photos icon

Save and View Photos

Save digital versions of images which have been emailed or scanned. Take your own photos and view with magnification on screen.

Access talking newspapers icon

Read Talking Newspapers

Download digital, accessible versions of your favourite daily newspapers and magazines, through services such as RNIB Newsagent.


See these features in action with our video tutorials.

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Personal Organiser

Update calendar icon

Update Calendar

Add in appointments, birthdays and other special occasions. You can also set reminders, so you never miss an important date or party.

Update address book icon

Update Address Book

Save contacts, their address, phone numbers and email addresses. Choose a contact to send an email, write a letter or make a video call.

Make notes icon

Make Notes

Type or dictate text notes such as shopping lists and other things you need to remember. Record audio notes and send to friends by email.


See these features in action with our video tutorials.


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Fun & Entertainment

TV Services icon

Access TV and Film Services

View online TV and film services such as BBC iPlayer and Netflix. Please ensure you have the appropriate licence or subscription.

Read books icon

Read Accessible Books

Download and read books using speech or magnification from accessible book libraries such as RNIB Bookshare and Calibre Audio.  

Computer games icon

Accessible Computer Games

Play accessible versions of Hangman, Sudoku or Blackjack on GuideConnect with high contrast graphics and speech settings.  ​​​​​


Listen to radio icon

Listen to Radio & Music

Enjoy your favourite radio stations, or play music from a CD or digital music file.
Listen to the music you enjoy through your computer or TV speakers.

Podcasts icon

Listen to Podcasts

Discover a wide range of podcasts when you check the Top Podcasts in your country. Add your favourites and listen through your computer or TV.

placeholder icon

Read the Latest News

Read the latest headlines in your region with the RSS News feature. It lists all the latest news articles available, for you to select and read online.


See these features in action with our video tutorials.

Learn GuideConnect Videos

GuideConnect makes everyday activities easier to help you stay independent, connected and entertained.

Independence & Privacy

Dolphin appreciates that maintaining your privacy and dignity is an important part of independent living.

With GuideConnect, you can independently access information online. Visit websites and view the information on screen in an enlarged format or use the speech function to have all the text read aloud by the GuideConnect system.

Use GuideConnect Scan & Read to independently read printed information. Simply scan it in and GuideConnect reads it back to you. This is especially useful when you want to access private information such as doctors’ letters, medicine labels and private correspondence.

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Woman browsing a website at home, with GuideConnect on a PC.
An unseen user is holding a tablet displaying the GuideConnect Email menu page

Letters & Emails

GuideConnect has many ways to help you stay in touch with the ones you love, as well as giving you the means to correspond with formal contacts.

Read any emails you receive on screen, or have them read back to you with the speech function. You can also type emails, documents and letters with the keyboard. Alternatively, if you prefer to talk rather than type, you can use voice input to dictate letters, documents and emails.

To read printed articles such as letters, documents or magazine articles, attach a scanner to your computer and use the Scan & Read function. You can then choose to read with speech or enlarged text.

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Video Calling

Use GuideConnect Video Calling to stay in touch with loved ones. It’s a wonderful way to connect and chat with different members of your family – particularly those with smartphones – and it is free for them to video call you, too. 

GuideConnect Video Calling is designed to be fully accessible for people with visual impairments. It means your family can contact you on GuideConnect, using the Dolphin Friends & Family Video Calling Service.

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Woman using GuideConnect on a laptop to video call her family.
Holding a tablet using GuideConnect with large magnified text on screen.

Accessible Books & Newspapers

There is plenty to keep you entertained in GuideConnect!

Access thousands of books in audible formats, through accessible book libraries such as RNIB Library, Bookshare and Calibre Audio.

GuideConnect also provides access to talking newspaper services, so you can listen to daily newspapers and your favourite magazines.

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Music & Podcasts

With GuideConnect, you can access radio stations to listen to your favourite shows. You can also listen to music and access podcasts – similar to talking radio shows – to hear more about the subjects you enjoy. 

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A senior lady listening to music through headphones .
Dolphin Remote is used to browse the GuideConnect TV access menu on a TV screen

Games & TV

You may also use GuideConnect web browser to access television programmes and film through online services such a Netflix and BBC iPlayer, when you have the required subscription or TV licence.

Games are new to GuideConnect and you can play Sudoku, Blackjack and Hangman on your screen. The games include text-to-speech and high-contrast colours to help make them accessible and enjoyable for people who are blind or partially sighted. 

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Organisation & Reminders

When you use GuideConnect as your personal organiser, the calendar and notes functions mean you’ll never miss an important date, a party or anyone’s birthday!

Reminders and notes are easy to set in the calendar, and the GuideConnect address book is straightforward to complete, so you can quickly email and video call your loved ones whenever you want to get in touch.

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A user is browsing the calendar menu on a GuideConnect tablet.
GuideConnect displayed on range of devices

Choose Your Device

GuideConnect is available on a range of different devices. Choose one that suits your lifestyle and your experience of technology:

  • Through the TV
  • Touchscreen Tablet
  • On a Laptop
  • Use a Desktop PC

If you already have a Windows 10 or Windows 11 device, you can purchase GuideConnect software alone. We also offer a range of GuideConnect packages which include GuideConnect software, a choice of devices and a range of accessories.

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Help & Support

Whether you’re new to technology, or an experienced user who needs some pointers, we provide help when you need it. We make sure you feel supported to get the most out of GuideConnect.

Product Support Icon


Call 01905 754577
Email [email protected] 

In-product help icon

In-Product Help

Click on the ‘i’ icon in GuideConnect to access help, tutorials and training​​​​​​.

video tutorials icon

Video Tutorials

Simple show and tell videos to guide you through each function.


Telephone Training icon

Telephone Training

Two hours free training with a Dolphin trainer (UK and US only).

Product emails icon

GuideConnect Emails

Sign up to emails and be the first to hear about new features and offers.

Stay up to date icon

Stay Up to Date

Latest updates and new features included with Upgrade Agreement.


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