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About SuperNova

SuperNova delivers accessibility through screen magnification, speech and screen reading technology. It makes your organisation's digital workspace - including Office applications and web browsers - accessible for people who are blind or partially sighted.

A choice between Professional and Enterprise licences enables you to embed accessibility throughout your organisation - whatever its size. SuperNova provides you with the best assistive technology for your employees, your company and budget.

Choose Your Licence

Make SuperNova magnification, speech and screen reading available on as many workstations or servers as you need.
Choose the licence option that offers the best fit for your business:

SuperNova Professional


  • Licenced to your business
  • Pay per user
  • Includes all SuperNova editions
  • Install to local devices
  • Managed by device activations
  • MSI distribution to local networks
  • SAP® Certified magnification

SuperNova Enterprise


  • Licenced to your business
  • Pay per user
  • Install to local, virtual or remote devices
  • MSIs for all SuperNova editions
  • Deploy across your organisation or estate
  • Flexible licence for unattended installation
  • SAP® Certified magnification
  • Verified as Citrix Ready®
Pay per user, not per device: multiple user licences available. Contact us to find out more.
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SuperNova Professional

A Professional licence provides accessibility for your in-house team. It's an ideal choice for Access to Work or for organisations making accommodations to improve diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI).

SuperNova Professional is part of reasonable adjustments for the workplace, when magnification and screen reading technology is recommended by workplace needs assessors.

Network managers will find it easy to install on local devices and networks at your organisation.

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SuperNova Enterprise

A SuperNova Enterprise licence is recommended when there are multiple employees with visual impairments in your organisation. It provides the flexibility for your blind and partially sighted team members to work in house, from home or while travelling.

If your organisation offers hybrid working, SuperNova Enterprise delivers accessibility wherever your team choose to work. This licence enables you to deploy screen reading and screen magnification across Citrix, VM Ware and Remote Desktop Services (RDS). 

SuperNova Enterprise is the only magnification and screen reading software verified as Citrix Ready®.

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Choosing Dolphin assistive technology shows your company is committed to improving DEI for employees with disabilities.

With SuperNova, you provide the necessary assistive technology for all levels of sight, as and when it's needed.

SuperNova magnifier being used on a laptop to magnify MS Excel

Network Security

Working with Dolphin means you can deliver assistive technology throughout your business, without compromising your security policy. 

SuperNova Professional and Enterprise licences include a configuration tool which allows your Network Manager to remotely enable and disable optional online services on any client device.  

Talk to our team to find out how SuperNova for Business can improve your organisation's accessibility.

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Reliable Service

The Dolphin team of assistive technology professionals ensure your team members have the accessibility they need to work productively.

Further information and technical support is available within eight working hours as standard. Please speak to a Dolphin team member to discuss your Service Level Agreement and additional levels of support.

Talk to our team to find out more.

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SuperNova shown on screen during an office meeting

My job involves extensive use of a Citrix programme, in addition to the usual Windows environment. 
Without SuperNova I simply wouldn’t be able to work in my current job.

Georgina, Training Support Coordinator, EasyJet

Free Trial with Support

Try SuperNova free for 30 days. Your free trial includes MSI installation files of each SuperNova edition, together with technical documentation to help you get started.

During your free trial, the Dolphin team of assisitive technology professionals are available to answer questions and offer technical support.

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Using SuperNova Magnification on a laptop

Benefits for Team Members with Visual Impairment

SuperNova Editions

SuperNova Professional and SuperNova Enterprise licences both include access to all three SuperNova editions.
This means your team has a choice of screen magnification, speech, full screen reading and braille.

Access to digital applications

SuperNova gives team members with visual impairments equal access to hundreds of Windows applications, including:

  • Microsoft 365
  • Microsoft Office 2016 – 2021
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Chrome, Firefox and Edge browsers

Dolphin also offers a scripting service to customise the way SuperNova works with your company's bespoke applications. Connect with the Dolphin team today to find out how we can help your organisation.

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Office worker using SuperNova Magnifier on screen
Office worker at his desk, viewing scanned newspaper article in a magnified view on his screen

Other reasonable adjustments

SuperNova is compatible with a range of devices to make your workspace even more accessible:

  • Use over multiple monitors with different levels of magnification.
  • Magnify applications independently, and apply different colour schemes to apps.
  • Choose from a range of cameras to magnify and read print.
  • Use with flatbed scanners to read printed items with magnification or speech.
  • Works with more than 60 braille displays from industry-leading manufacturers.

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Display your own way

SuperNova offers more ways to access on-screen information. You can magnify a single screen and customise the view with screen splits, or use a range of magnification views and speech settings.

For multi-tasking, we recommend multiple monitors – use as many as you need. Customise magnification and display settings independently on each screen.

If you're presenting to colleagues or clients, you are able to magnify your speaker notes while you show your presentation in its original size.

  SuperNova Display Features  

SuperNova magnification displayed across multiple screens

I primarily use SuperNova as a screen reader so I can read emails, write up reports and client notes. Everything I do for my business is based on technology. SuperNova is the only solution that has worked and I wouldn't be able to do my job without it

Yahya Pandor, Counsellor and Vlogger

USB plugged into a laptop with SuperNova Magnification on screen

Hotdesk and Travel with SuperNova USB

The SuperNova USB provides instant access to SuperNova features on any Windows device.

Simply plug the SuperNova USB into a Windows laptop, PC or tablet to access SuperNova screen magnification, speech and braille support. Your preferred settings and customised views are saved and ready to use.

Contact us to purchase a SuperNova USB add-on with a Professional or Enterprise licence.

  SuperNova USB  

Working With Dolphin

Onboarding Support

Dolphin Training and Support ensures you and your team are prepared and able to use SuperNova straight away.

Onboarding resources are available to help network managers, while team members have access to the Dolphin Learning Zone. This contains online training courses and accessible information to get you started with SuperNova.

  Dolphin Learning Zone  

Group of office workers at their computers

ISO-9001 Certification

Clients and customers can be assured that when they use Dolphin assistive technology, the software is designed, developed and supplied to ISO-9001 standards.

ISO-9001 certification demonstrates that Dolphin meets all regulatory requirements and confirms our commitment to deliver high-quality products and services. These high standards also apply to our sales processes and technical support in the UK and Europe.


Installing SuperNova means you can employ and retain staff with visual impairments.

It demonstrates that you value all employees and empower them to do their job well.

Organisations Using SuperNova

SuperNova delivers accessibility across a wide range of business sectors.

Geoff Smith Associates Ltd

Gloucestershire County Council

Hadley Group


Citrix Ready logo

Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust

Surrey County Council

Watford Borough Council

Contact us to discuss SuperNova for your organisation.

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