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About SuperNova

SuperNova screen magnification and screen reading software gives students with visual impairments opportunities to learn independently. 

With SuperNova, students can read, write and study on a Windows laptop, PC or tablet using screen magnification, speech and braille.

To help students who are blind or partially sighted reach their full potential, SuperNova enables equal access to learning material. This includes printed class handouts, accessible textbooks, whiteboard presentations, websites and digital documents.

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SuperNova Magnifier


  • Magnify computer screen
  • Customise colour schemes
  • Enhanced text smoothing
  • Touchscreen magnification
  • Use across multiple screens
  • Connect to cameras
  • Includes EasyReader Premium
  • Includes one-year Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA)

SuperNova Magnifier & Speech



All features in SuperNova Magnifier plus:

  • Human-sounding voices
  • Reads content of web pages, emails and documents aloud
  • Scan, print and read with audio
  • Split speech and other audio
  • Control voice reading speed
  • Includes one-year Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA)

SuperNova Magnifier & Screen Reader



All features in SuperNova Magnifier & Speech plus:

  • Complete screen reader
  • Explore with keyboard
  • Announces punctuation, formatting, spelling errors and on-screen changes
  • Braille display support
  • Includes one-year Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA)

SuperNova Key Features

Explore SuperNova Features

SuperNova is available in three editions, each with its own unique features to support a wide range of visual impairments.

SuperNova software is available for students at school, college and university. It's also available in the Connect & Learn Kit with computing hardware and accessories.

Discuss Your Requirements

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Choosing the Right SuperNova Licence

SuperNova has two different licence types which suit educational organisations:

  • Personal Licence (single user)
  • Professional Licence (multi-user)

If you have a single student with accessibility needs, choose the Personal Licence and install the SuperNova edition directly on to their device.

If you h
ave more than one student with a visual impairment at your setting, a Professional Licence is a better choice. This enables you to choose and install any of the SuperNova editions to meet the needs of all students who are blind or partially sighted.

  Contact Us to Discuss  

All new SuperNova customers in the UK with a Personal Licence receive one hour of free training from Dolphin via telephone.

Training and Support

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SuperNova Training

Dolphin offers a range of training options for individuals, educators and support staff.

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Training Courses

Take the SuperNova for Educators free online course to learn about SuperNova for educational use.

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SuperNova Support

Support options include videos, Knowledge Base articles, Quick Guides and Technical Guides.

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Contact Support

If you need technical support, you can call, email or book a call-back with the Dolphin Support Team.

Connect & Learn

SuperNova Connect & Learn is a complete classroom kit for schoolchildren who are partially sighted.

Connect & Learn saves schools money, as it replaces five common devices in one cost-effective bundle. It improves accessibility in school settings and empowers students with low vision to learn alongside their peers.

With Connect & Learn, school children can read and learn independently, develop useful computer skills and reach their full potential in class.

  About Connect & Learn  

Student using Connect & Learn on a tablet to read and edit a document.
Child using computer at school

Complete Schoolwork & Assignments

SuperNova empowers students to learn and complete assignments independently. Students can use magnification, speech and braille to:

  • Write documents and send emails using Microsoft Office
  • Research online with web browsers including Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox
  • Benefit from access to hundreds of Windows apps

  All SuperNova Features  

Read Printed Text

Students with visual impairments can still read printed worksheets, class handouts and other documents independently, with a camera or scanner linked to SuperNova.

  • Connect a document camera to magnify and read print documents on screen
  • Connect a scanner, scan printed documents and read aloud with speech settings
  • Annotate scanned documents in SuperNova - perfect for completing class worksheets 

  Explore SuperNova Features  

Child using computer at school
Student using SuperNova in class to magnify text from the whiteboard.

Whiteboard Wizard App

Teachers can download the free Whiteboard Wizard App to makes teaching and learning more accessible for students with low vision.

It enables students who use SuperNova to view and magnify the contents of the class whiteboard on their laptop screen in real time. There's no need for print outs or enlargements and it reduces the need for visually impaired students to catch up.

Whiteboard Wizard makes it easy for teachers to share the content on the whiteboard content with students who use SuperNova.

  More About Whiteboard Wizard  

Accessible Books for Study

All editions of SuperNova include the EasyReader App for Windows. This links students to accessible libraries and provides accessible ways for students to read books - including text books - from RNIB Bookshare and other accessible library services.

Students with an active SMA for SuperNova receive a free subscription to EasyReader Premium. This provides access to a range of additional features and synchronises preferences and settings across all devices.

  EasyReader Premium  

EasyReader on a laptop.
SuperNova USB plugged into laptop

SuperNova USB

Students can carry SuperNova with them to use on any Windows device, with a SuperNova USB. Simply plug the USB in to a device for access to SuperNova with all settings and features saved.

This option is perfect for moving around a large setting and using different computers, for studying at home, in class or on a placement.

  Explore SuperNova USB  

Hands holding print out of the Educator's Guide to AT

Guide to Assistive Tech

Learn more about making classrooms accessible in the Educator's Guide to Assistive Technology.

Diagram of Be My Best Self Quiz

Be My Best Self

Help your students consider and communicate their accessibility needs.

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CPD Certified Courses

Take an online course designed for educators, and learn the key features in SuperNova.