• Bookshelf tweaks for smoother playback
  • Windows 8.1 performance. SuperNova is more efficient on Microsoft's latest operating system, freeing up resources for your other applications.
  • Magnification stability improvements so you can work for longer.
  • Magnification Smoothly enlarges text and images in more areas.


  • FIX: Adjustments to improve synchronisation between visual highlighting and mp3 playback so your reading position is shown more accurately onscreen.
  • NEW: Reader setting "Simplified document view". If enabled, all CSS styling in the document is removed before displaying on screen solving a lot of rendering and positioning issues.
  • NEW: NFB Newsline browse by State.
  • FIX: NLB Sweden now available again. Due to changes with the provider's service, it is necessary to update to SuperNova 14.02 in order to continue using this library.
  • FIX: Supernova now keeps quiet when the focus is in the Bookshelf window and mp3 or DAISY books are playing.
  • FIX: Stability - prevent hang if you closed Bookshelf whilst Read from Here was in progress.
  • FIX: Books downloaded from CNIB, Nota and NLB are no longer returned unexpectedly when logging in again.
  • FIX: OCR from scanner option now unavailable if no scanner connected.
  • FIX: If you used Bookshelf reader to open a PDF, it was always being converted to .html rather than the selected output format.
  • FIX: 'Continue Reading' Bookshelf menu item should now always appear.

Windows 8.1 Performance

  • FIX: Screen rotation on logon desktop now supported.
  • FIX: Process optimisations freeing system resources for your other applications.
  • FIX: Prevent loss of magnification / black screen on start-up. Magnification should start much more reliably.
  • FIX: Prevent crash after screen mode change. SuperNova will keep magnifying when display settings change.

Magnification Stability

  • FIX: Truefonts. Colour mouse pointers now drawn as expected on Windows 7 even if TrueFonts are switched off and the pointer contains inverted pixels.
  • FIX: Truefonts. Mixed symbols and text appear clearly when under mouse pointer.
  • FIX: Truefonts. Special symbols now drawn in the correct colour.


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