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With improved stability and multiple fixes, SuperNova 14.06 is better than ever. With SuperNova 14.06 you can enjoy added support for magnification with the Microsoft Basic Display Device Driver; TrueFonts and increased choice around video magnifiers with compatibility under Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 now also confirmed with LVI’s MagniLink S.

SuperNova 14.06 is a free update for existing customers of SuperNova 14. Get it from “Check for Updates” in SuperNova’s Help menu, as a download from the Dolphin website or request a DVD from Dolphin or your Dolphin dealer.

Our final release before SuperNova 15, anyone who purchases SuperNova 14.06 now will automatically get SuperNova 15 – which supports Windows 10 – for free upon release.


  • FIX: Removed blank screen reader settings tab from touch screen settings
  • FIX: Hang on Supernova shutdown
  • FIX: TrueFonts/ physical Braille now supported in IE11 in Windows 8
  • FIX: Added support for magnification with the Microsoft Basic Display Device driver. A warning message is shown to the user
  • FIX: Wasn't tracking screen changes in Windows 7 if all the visual effects were turned off
  • FIX: Stopped dolboot from loading on Windows 8 or higher to avoid BSOD
  • FIX: TrueFonts. Minor screen corruption
  • FIX: Memory leak in Windows 7 when changing theCCTV window position or size

Bookshelf for SuperNova 14.06:

  • NEW: Bookshelf Reader now has DOCX support - The reader can now load DOCX, which currently only is available from Load2Learn or through Supernova's File Open in Bookshelf
  • NEW: RNIB NTNM is on a new server - More categories and some additional newspapers to subscribe to
  • FIX: Bookshelf Reader - Braille display showed link after every line (‘Simplified Document View’ needs to be selected from the ‘Settings’ menu in Reader)
  • FIX: Bookshelf Reader – Text in some books set at high Zoom levels would overlap one another
  • FIX: Don't show the loading dialog "Reloading content providers" if the main GUI is not visible
  • FIX: The user shouldn’t be able to access the content provider list if it's not loaded after a reconnect
  • FIX: Magazine downloads should not start if Bookshelf doesn’t have an internet connection
  • CHANGE: MTM Legimus API: Long list of categories are now gone. Available categories are now "Min bokhylla" and "Nyheter"
  • CHANGE: Inläsningstjänst API: Long list of categories are now gone. Only the user's online bookshelf is now available in the category "Min bokhylla"
  • CHANGE: Sentence mark-up on some books - When loading books & news from some libraries, the reader now does sentence mark-up which makes it possible to navigate by sentence. These books often had paragraph markup, which was problematic in certain scenarios. This change is for Bookshare, Bookshare periodicals, NFB-NEWSLINE and MTM Taltidningar.


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