In addition to dozens of stability and performance improvements, this free update for all existing SuperNova 14 customers includes the following changes:


  • New My Newspapers menu item. Subscribe to newspapers from participating libraries such as: Bookshare®, NFB-NEWSLINE®, Anderslezen and MTM Taltidningar.
  • New accessible libraries SBS and Vision Australia.

Windows Live Mail

  • Spell checker window now speaks “not in dictionary” as expected.
  • Automatically speaks invalid email address notifications.
  • Physical Braille lines no longer split unexpectedly.
  • Speed improvements when composing email.

Microsoft Outlook 2013

  • Improved accuracy when reading complex HTML email with the Dolphin Cursor.
  • No longer announces “message” before every item in the inbox.


  • Spoken text is highlighted again by SuperNova during Read From Here. To start reading with SuperNova editions including speech press NUMPAD PLUS on desktops or CAPS+DOWN ARROW on laptops. Highlight colours and shapes can be changed from the Visual menu in the SuperNova Control Panel.
  • Focus highlighting now updates correctly when using the mouse wheel to scroll in notepad.
  • Speech and Braille - Solved a problem where lines could be skipped when navigating up in Internet Explorer.
  • Braille - Support 8 dot braille input from the Hims Braille Edge and Hims Braille Sense. Braille available in SuperNova Access Suite and Screen Reader only.
  • Internet Explorer 9 no longer crashes when navigating to a previous page with ALT+LEFT arrow.


  • SuperNova 14 is made for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. Windows XP support is available in SuperNova 13.
  • Multiple monitors can be used on Windows 8.1 with a dual head video card. Multiple video cards are supported by SuperNova on Windows 7 only.
  • Line view is available on Windows 7 only.

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