Languages supported: English (United Kingdom), Japanese


Dolphin Publisher 3.53 is released, with the following fixes:

  • FIX: Publisher 3.51 used to crash at the “Creating announcements” stage with VB runtime error 53 “File not found” and then exit.
  • FIX: “File Not Found - Dolphin Publisher cannot load the file as the file does not seem to exist…” when creating a document for each new heading.
  • FIX: Joining certain headings in a project causes the project to no longer validate - SMIL link's destination ID not found.
  • FIX: Can't save HTML changes in HTML editor after creating a new simple\blank project
  • FIX: Inconsistency with the WAVE display zoom function
  • FIX: The old sentence detector may cause invalid HTML and this fix includes an extra run through Convert to UTF-8 and TidyHTML
  • FIX: changes to the program launcher to prevent a crash when closing the application

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