Accessible book publishers give talking books the finishing touch with this free update to Dolphin Publisher.

NEW in 3.51: add a cover image to EPUB 3 books. Simply select "Add cover image" when building an EPUB 3 book and select the image to use.

Also new in Dolphin Publisher:

FIX: CSS files are now correctly added to EPUB 3 books in Publisher
FIX: Publisher now correctly remembers the setting for "rename all audio files"
FIX: Publisher no longer encounters errors when creating a new project from audio files
FIX: Specific fixes to ensure that text and audio is synchronised correctly in more places
FIX: Publisher now prevents users from creating EPUB 3 with WAV files
NEW: Publisher 3.51 also includes the latest version of Dolphin's activation system

Other v3 releases:

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