Languages supported: English (United Kingdom), Japanese

Publisher 3.03 contains essential fixes to improve the quality of its DAISY talking book outputs.

Fix - "Duplicate IDs": 

Every file within a DAISY talking book contains unique IDs to link specific parts of the book together; such as the highlighted text to the speech. These IDs all need to be unique in order for the text to synchronise with the speech correctly. Publisher version 3.03 contains important fixes to ensure that these IDs are not duplicated.

Other fixes:

Additional fixes have been applied to:

  • Ensure Publisher does not modify the original file after importing a DTBook
  • Set the default project path for Publisher projects to "My Documents"

Already a customer? Update today:

An update patch to update Publisher v3.02 to v3.03 is available for download from the Support section of the Dolphin website.

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