• Fix: Some users were experiencing double mouse pointers when running in a Terminal Server session. This is now resolved.
  • Fix: A problem has been resolved that may have resulted in random crashes in Windows XP.
  • Fix: A code correction has been made to fix a bug that occasionally caused a hang at close down.
  • Fix: A problem has been resolved where some users where receiving the error message "cannot create file to download to" from the Dolphin Internet Updater.
  • Fix: Some users were experiencing problems where their Dolphin software did not start in Windows 7, despite being listed in task manager and process list. This has now been resolved.
  • Fix: A fix has been included for some customers who have been experiencing magnification failure when their monitor is not connected to the primary device. Typically this has affected a small percentage of laptop users who also use an external monitor, where the monitor is connected to secondary output and primary monitor is disabled. i.e. The monitor in use is not labelled as number 1 in the display properties.
  • Fix: Users running under Citrix and 64-bit Citrix Remote Desktops will benefit from a number of small fixes.
  • Fix: For Dolphin Scripters, a fix has been included in the ScriptEditor where in some circumstances the text in the auto complete dropdown was being clipped.

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