• FIX: A series of fixes have been included for users running 64-bit Remote Desktop in a Terminal Server environment.
  • FIX: For users working with the Windows 7 public beta, version 11.04 includes a fix for some Windows 7 freezing issues. To join the Dolphin public beta programme for Windows 7 visit
  • FIX: Some additional locking code has been include in version 11.04 to help prevent Blue Screen crashes or hangs.

Tip: In the unlikely event that your Dolphin product encounters an error, you can help improve your Dolphin software by providing any information as to what you were doing at the time. To opt-in to the Product Improvement Program, when your Dolphin access software is running, open the Control Panel with CONTROL + SPACE. Open the "Help" menu with ALT + H and choose "Customer Feedback..." and follow the prompts.

  • FIX: For magnification users, the bitmap handle translation is now more reliable, preventing some intermittent magnification freezes.
  • Improvement: A new way for turning off ClearType has been included for Windows XP, Windows 7 32/64 bit.

Tip: In most cases Dolphin's recommended Windows settings should remain unchanged. If you need to change Clear type or or other Recommended settings this can be achieved in the access product Control Panel in General<Advanced<Windows Settings.

  • Improvement: A Dots Per Inch (DPI) Aware flag has now been included. For users running at greater than 125dpi, this should ensure their software's magnification coordinate system works correctly.
  • Change: Version 11.04 now shows the Dolphin software build number in the release build of all 30-day demo versions.
  • FIX: A bug has been fixed in the memory manager.

Dolphin Scripting engine

  • Dolphin access software includes a powerful scripting API based on the established open source Lua scripting language.
  • Fix: Version 11.04 fixes the possible situation where calling a Dialog. function with the incorrect parameters could stop subsequent dialogs from appearing.
  • Fix: The GetAreaState now only adds slider/range/position states for areas that have these details.
  • Fix: Scripting: A fix has been implemented for the reported crash when calling GetAreaProperties.

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