The customers signing up to the Dolphin Product Improvement Programme have contributed a vast amount of anonymous data about their use of SuperNova. This data has enabled Dolphin to fix and resolve bugs and crashes in this latest update for SuperNova version 11 users.

For the limited number of users who might be experiencing reliability issues or crashes, we highly recommend updating to version 11.58. Please note the actual release date of this update was the 23rd February 2011.

FIX: Dolphin cursor no longer switches on unexpectedly when pressing F1 for Help in Microsoft Office applications. You can now type in to the Search edit area directly.

FIX: Thunderbird preview pane no longer causes SuperNova to jump the focus to the start of the inbox unexpectedly.

NEW: New map & script files for Dolphin EasyReader Express, optimising magnification access.

FIX: An intermittent blue screen of death that occurred on some Citrix server installations & during on remote desktop on Windows XP has now been fixed.

FIX: A memory leak has been fixed when changing screen resolution or turning external monitors on & off.

FIX: A problem where the Dolphin Pen started in wrong language on first use has been fixed. (OT 18053)

FIX: A freeze has been fixed that occurred when a dialogue box appeared that was created by Dolphin script.

CRASH FIX: SuperNova Reader Magnifier customers using Microsoft Word may have noted the system freezing. This is now resolved. (OT 16108)

CRASH FIX: SuperNova Magnifier customers using Microsoft Outlook have experienced an intermittent crash. This has now been resolved. (OT 17523)

CRASH FIX: A crash has been fixed that occurred when logging off Terminal Server. (OT 17974)

CRASH FIX: Two intermittent crashes have been fixed that occurred when surfing the net. (OT 17315 & OT 17320)

CRASH FIX: When building lists of links using CAPS Lock + 1 a crash may have occurred. This is now fixed. (OT 17539)

CRASH FIX: A Firefox related crash has now been fixed. (OT 17322)

CRASH FIX: Two intermittent crashes have been fixed. (OT 17660 & OT 17566)

FIX: A slow memory leak has now been fixed.

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