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Instant access to SuperNova on any Windows device

About SuperNova USB

Choose SuperNova USB to instantly access SuperNova magnification, speech and screen reader settings on any Windows PC, laptop or tablet. 

SuperNova runs from the USB itself, so there's no need for you to download or install any additional software or trials before use.

With SuperNova USB, you are free to use SuperNova on any Windows device - at home, school or work – without limits.

Using a laptop with a SuperNova USB in a cafe.

SuperNova Magnifier


  • Magnify computer screen
  • Customise colour schemes
  • Enhanced text smoothing
  • Touchscreen magnification
  • Use across multiple screens
  • Connect to cameras
  • Includes EasyReader Premium
  • Includes one-year SMA

SuperNova Magnifier & Speech



All features in SuperNova Magnifier

  • Human-sounding voices
  • Reads content of web pages, emails and documents aloud
  • Scan print and read with audio
  • Control voice reading speed

SuperNova Magnifier & Screen Reader



All features in SuperNova Magnifier & Speech

  • Complete screen reader
  • Explore with keyboard
  • Announces punctuation, formatting, spelling errors and on-screen changes
  • Braille display support

Prices listed are for SuperNova software on a Dolphin USB. Prices exclude VAT and delivery.

When To Use SuperNova USB

SuperNova USB is the best choice for:

  • Students who move around school or college, study at home, or use shared computer banks. 
  • Employees who hotdesk, visit clients, work from home or travel.
  • Individuals who use computers at home and away.

SuperNova USB remembers your visual and audio settings, for:

  • Instant magnification in the right size, font and colour.
  • Speech with clear voices, talking at your preferred speed.
  • Screen reading to hear everything displayed on screen.

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SuperNova USB plugged into a laptop
A hand plugging the SuperNova USB into a laptop

Benefits of SuperNova USB

Speed and flexibility are at the heart of SuperNova USB. This pocket-size device has the full power of SuperNova, available instantly. Call us to discuss if a SuperNova USB might be the best option for you.

SuperNova USB remembers your preferences. This means your ideal magnification, colour scheme, speech or screen reader settings are ready as soon as you plug in the USB.

You can use SuperNova USB on any device with Windows 10 or 11.

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Guest Mode

If you’re not using your own PC, laptop or tablet we recommend you use the SuperNova USB Guest Mode.

This doesn’t require any installation, activation, permissions, or an administrator password. So you can get on with your work quickly, without the need for external involvement. 

Please note: With Guest Mode, some features of SuperNova are restricted. This includes scan and read, and touchscreen magnification. Guest mode is not currently available on devices running Windows 11.

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A group of users using PCs in a computer room in a library.
SuperNova USB being plugged in to a laptop

Full Access Mode

If you use a Windows device regularly, we recommend you install the Dolphin driver for full access to SuperNova. This opens:

  • Scan & Read
    The inbuilt OCR enables you to read paper documents and letters.
  • Touchscreen Access
    Instantly adjust magnification using your fingertips on touchscreen Windows devices. 
  • Additional magnification and speech
    At the log on screen and Windows security dialogues.

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"The SuperNova USB is brilliant for me in my capacity as an assistive technology trainer and as a private user. It's lightweight, portable and enables me to access any Windows PC or laptop with ease."

James Goldsworthy, Alternate Visions Coaching
Woman smiling and waving at her laptop screen.

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Student using SuperNova on her laptop in a library.

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