Introducing SuperNova Version 23


SuperNova 23 provides improvements for each edition of SuperNova, and introduces new features that ensure compatibility with latest releases of Microsoft 365 and Office 2021.
This upgrade includes: 

  • Improvements to the font smoothing experience
  • Improvements to Speech settings
  • New Privacy Screen for speech and braille users
  • New Layered Hotkeys and other Hotkey improvements
  • Improved Braille settings
  • Improved Media access for all SuperNova users
  • Additional fixes and improvements


Explore new and improved features in SuperNova v23



"We're pleased to deliver this important update, as it means all SuperNova users can stay up to date with ongoing changes in Microsoft 365.

To highlight our commitment to our existing customers as well as new users, we're delighted that this update introduces new features which were requested by our screen reader users. It
also introduces support for Windows 11 under Citrix, for our corporate and government customers."

Jane Brassington, CRO at Dolphin Computer Access




Read a complete list of what’s new

Version 23 includes a range of additional fixes and improvements to enhance your experience with SuperNova and Dolphin ScreenReader
Read a complete list of what's new on the Dolphin website.

New in SuperNova    

Magnification and screen reading you can rely on

Using SuperNova on a laptop in a cafeSuperNova 23 continues to build on Dolphin’s reputation for delivering reliable and intuitive magnification and screen reading for Windows.
Here’s why blind and partially sighted people around the world choose SuperNova at work, in education and at home:

Responsive and reliable. 

SuperNova is designed to use a minimum of system resources and it works with Intel graphics cards that come as standard with Windows tablets, laptops and PCs. This means you do not need a high-spec laptop or PC in order to benefit from reliable magnification and screen reading. 

Intuitive touch screen magnification. 

With SuperNova, people with low vision can use the very latest Windows touch screen tablets, laptops and monitors with ease. You can pan and explore the screen with one finger, zoom in using two fingers, and open more options using a three-finger tap. 

Read print with support for a range of cameras and scanners. 

SuperNova supports a range of web cams, document cams and specialist CCTV devices. This means you can view printed text on your screen with magnification and high contrast colours. Speech editions of SuperNova also include a scan and read facility so you read printed text independently.

Magnification across multiple monitors and high-resolution screens. 

Use SuperNova to magnify across one, two or as many monitors as you need. You can choose to stretch an application across multiple screens or magnify different applications on different monitors. SuperNova also provides clear magnification on high resolution displays, including 4k monitors. 

Instant magnification and speech with SuperNova USB. 

If you need to use SuperNova across a range of devices when you're travelling or hot desking, you can plug SuperNova USB into a Windows device and explore the screen instantly with your magnification and screen reading preferences. 


Upgrade to SuperNova 23

The upgrade to SuperNova 23 is now available in 28 languages and will be rolled out to existing customers over the next few weeks. 

Customers who have an active Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) will receive a message when they start up SuperNova to notify them when their 23.01 upgrade is available. This message will also include an option to install the upgrade. 

Once installed, software licences of SuperNova 23 are automatically registered and ready to use. Users will not need to enter any new codes to register their software licence. 

SMA holders who purchased their software directly from Dolphin will also receive confirmation of their upgrade to version 23 via email. 

If you use SuperNova but do not currently have an active SMA, you can upgrade to SuperNova 23 by contacting your local Dolphin office or Dolphin dealer.


Keep your software up to date

Keeping your assistive technology up to date is now more important than ever. Software companies, including Microsoft, now deliver regular, rolling updates to applications, browsers and operating systems. These updates often include new features, bug fixes, security patches, and even changes to accessibility standards. It is vital that assistive technology providers are able to deliver updates, so we can continue to provide the accessibility you need.

You can protect yourself, or your clients, from future changes with a Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) from Dolphin. The SMA provides all updates and upgrades to SuperNova for twelve months. It helps ensure peace of mind that your SuperNova licence keeps pace with Windows 11 as it evolves, so it continues to deliver the accessibility you need at home, in education and the workplace. 

Read more about SuperNova Maintenance Agreement


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