The update from version 11.01 to version 11.02 makes the following changes:

  • FIXED: Problem with Windows settings not being saved correctly.
  • FIXED: Internet update code was looking for the wrong file name.
  • FIXED: Fix for possible crash in Office when MSAA is scanning links (e.g. Word 2003, when "Getting Started" pane was displayed which contains links to Office Online the MSAA scanning could cause a crash in some situations).
  • FIXED: Fix for Firefox on Hotmail.
  • FIXED: Fixed "Show Supernova Manual" menu item in new help menu.
  • FIXED: Removed situation management button from application settings dialog.


  • FIXED: CHECK_VARIABLE_MONITOR was being incorrectly returned as a Boolean value.
  • FIXED: Custom button 4 in Dialog.ListBox was returning incorrect button code.


  • This update CANNOT be used for Windows 7, it is only for Windows XP and Vista (the next update will apply to Windows 7 too).
  • If Version 11.01 is running when the update is installed then 2 restarts are necessary. The first restart will complete installation of all the files necessary for version 11.02 however without the interceptor. Starting v11.02 will then show a message that the interceptor is missing and will be installed on reboot, pressing Enter will reboot and correctly install the interceptor, completing the upgrade.

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