Microsoft Office 2010

NEW: Version 11.54 introduces initial support for Microsoft Office 2010. Microsoft Office 2010 is the latest version of the popular application suite including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.

Learn more about Office 2010 from the Microsoft Office 2010 website.

Core Changes

FIX: In Firefox the incorrect announcements of password fields has been corrected. Before this fix the caption of the box was being announced as the content.

FIX: Hotkey to toggle font smoothing is now applied to the hooked area whilst the hooked area is being edited.

FIX: If a Dolphin product run fails for any reason in Windows 7, then Windows 7 will use XP compatibility mode for future runs.

FIX: Text strings from Speak.GetString and EventAutomaticSpeech where it was omitting the decimal point character.

FIX: Fixed the smoothing checkbox in the hooked area edit dialog.

FIX: The selection announcement was out of sync with the actual text being selected when inside a Word table.

The Arabic version has been improved through coding changes.

Map & Script changes

Detection function call added for Menu items. This ensures the shortcut is read out in the Vista and Windows 7 operating systems.

In Microsoft PowerPoint XP, list items that were previously not able to be spoken will in v11.54 be spoken aloud.

Mozilla Firefox - Trained the "search using" edit area to force the MSAA name to be the label. (English only currently)

Mozilla Firefox - Trained buttons to have the MSAA labels as the contents for the download manager buttons.

Mozilla Firefox - The tabs menu function has been rewritten as previously it was not working correctly with version 3.6 of Firefox.

Outlook - Detection function added for the Notes window. This will remove the MSAA focus, as it caused the speech to repeat entire contents every time it scrolled.

A problem you may have experienced when using drop down menus in Windows Live Mail has been fixed.

Internet Explorer - The Italian prompts have been corrected in Internet Explorer 7.

Portuguese prompts have been added to Microsoft Word XP, Word 2000, Word 2007.

Italian prompts have been added to Microsoft Word XP, Word 2000, Word 2007.

Dolphin Scripting Engine changes

FIX: EventScriptStartup now passes in the process id of the application starting up.

FIX: Added functionality for the screen reader to get a global variable value back from a script.

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