The customers signing up to the Dolphin Product Improvement Programme have contributed a vast amount of anonymous data about their use of SuperNova. This data has enabled Dolphin to fix and resolve bugs and crashes in this latest update for SuperNova version 11 users.

For the limited number of users who might be experiencing reliability issues or crashes, we highly recommend updating to version 11.57.

Crash Fixes

CRASH FIX: Crash fix for the dolmagengine_18CAC. This fix is not specific to a particular application, but should deliver significant stability improvements for users experiencing this crash. 

CRASH FIX: Java app fails when table becomes the focus in Java VM 1.6+.

CRASH FIX: Users may have experienced a crash when switching back out of standby. This has now been fixed.

CRASH FIX: A possible crash in the Off Screen Model (OSM) has been fixed. Users may have experienced this when dragging a window from one monitor to another.

CRASH FIX: A crash has been fixed for Internet Explorer users on 64 bit editions of Windows 2003.

CRASH FIX: Users who were experiencing 'SuperNova has stopped responding' messages when using Internet Explorer, should notice signification improvement.

CRASH FIX: A number of fixes have been made to improve the reliability of SuperNova with Internet Explorer.

General Fixes

FIX: RealSpeak was not muting correctly when the Left Ctrl key was pressed. This is now resolved.

FIX: The File Type control wasn't speaking as expected in all Office applications. This has now been fixed.

FIX: A number of fixes have been made to speed up performance in Live Messenger 2009. Users may have been experiencing Occasional sluggishness, especially when using word echo.

FIX: Slow response in notepad (and elsewhere) when cursor up at top line, or cursor down at bottom line. This problem has been fixed.

FIX: SuperNova Reader Magnifier should not load or save any verbosity settings and should only use the internal defaults.

FIX: A number of small fixes have been made to improve support for the Shoptelec website.

If you are already contributing SuperNova data to the Dolphin Product Improvement Programme, thank you very much! If you would like to share anonymous usage data to support future improvements to SuperNova, Customer Feedback option in the Help menu in the SuperNova control panel.

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