Windows Live Mail 2009 (build 14)

NEW: SuperNova, Hal, Lunar and LunarPlus version 11.53 introduce support for Windows Live Mail 2009, specifically the latest build 14.  Combining the ease of use of Outlook Express, with the speed of Windows Live, Windows Live Mail is the most popular Microsoft mail client for Windows 7 users. 

As well as the creation, reading and sending of email, the version 11.53 also includes basic support for the Windows Live Mail calendar functionality.

Thunderbird 3

NEW: SuperNova, Hal, Lunar and LunarPlus version 11.53 now includes support for Thunderbird 3, a free, open source, cross-platform e-mail and news client developed by the Mozilla Foundation.

TIP: Keyboard users will need to enable the 'Caret browsing' feature in Thunderbird 3 by pressing F7.  This ensures a movable cursor is available for non mouse users.


FIX: In the Global Address list dialogue in Microsoft Outlook 2007, previously the speech repeated the title every time you moved inside the list and the magnification didn't track correctly.  This has now been fixed.

FIX: When attaching a file in Outlook 2007 using the Insert file dialogue, the speech now correctly tracks the focused item in the list view.

FIX: In Outlook 2003 or XP the associated script would occasionally crash, leaving the Dolphin Cursor turned on, resulting in the inability to type an email.  This has now been fixed.

FIX: In Microsoft Outlook 2003 and XP, when writing an HTML email and altering the font style from the dialogue, previously the Dolphin Cursor would go into Automatic Dolphin Cursor mode. This bug has now been resolved.

FIX: In Microsoft Outlook 2003 and XP, and using Word as your email editor, the suggested name drop down list box with suggested recipient names now announces, Brailles and magnifies as expected.

FIX: In Microsoft Outlook 2003 and XP using Word as your email editor, pressing Control + Enter to send a message, would incorrectly be announced as Page Break.  This has now been fixed.

FIX: In Outlook 2003 and XP when using Word as your email editor, when pressing Tab to move from the Subject field to the Message body, the speech now correctly announces Message edit area.  Previously this incorrectly announced the horizontal indent information. 


FIX: A fix has been included for a bug where in Microsoft Word, only the first bullet was being announced in a list of bulleted points.


FIX: In Firefox the password field in the Hotmail login page no longer announces the typed characters.


FIX: The Dolphin Control panel menu option "File->restore all maps and scripts" now performs as expected.

FIX: A fix has been included for the Dolphin Control panel menu option "File->restore current map" when the current application uses the default map.

FIX: When users pressed Escape in the Choose Map dialog, it incorrectly continued with the restore. This is now fixed.

FIX: Code has been added to verify that the setting files have been copied correctly on Dolphin Pen II hardware.

FIX: When the Off Screen Model is not working, new code now allows a focused tab control to work.

FIX: Numerous bug fixes and improvements to the SuperNova API.

FIX: Terminal Server Client Application.dtl V1.02 - Confidence of console area raised as it was being discarded due to MSAA menu bar also being picked up.

Dolphin Scripting Engine

NEW: Extension scripts can now be loaded from the settings folder without having to have the base map in the same folder.

NEW: Initial support for loading a script, unloading a script and calling a script function from the API.

NEW: Added lua functions io.writew and io.linesw to open files with a Unicode filename.

NEW: Extension script loader now uses a search path - so you can load extensions from the settings folder where the base script is in the defaults.

FIX: Shared memory was not being unmapped from certain call backs.

FIX: Improved error handling when accessing the scripting engine's shared memory from MSAA event call back.

FIX: Modified GetAreaProperties function to avoid a reported crash.

FIX: Training mode. Improved MSAA "use name/value as contents" detection.

FIX: Training mode. If the MSAA rule for "static text" uses 'name as label' then the text put into other MSAA objects (trained to use name as contents) will not be shrunk and will be almost impossible to train.

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