Fix: When typing in the search fields of Google, Amazon and eBay, character and word keyboard echo is now more responsive and reliable. This fix applies to typing in all web-based edit areas and delivers similar response times to typing in desktop applications. #26266, #26582

Fix: The number of links on your chosen Internet Explorer homepage is now longer incorrectly announced. #27622

Fix: SuperNova no longer re-reads an entire line when pressing backspace in a multiline edit area. #26386

Fix: Overall stability improvements by resolving multiple locking errors.

Fix: Increased responsiveness when navigating through files and folders in Windows Explorer on Windows 7. #26378

Fix: When in a table pressing the Additional Focus Information hotkey now correctly announces the current cell's co-ordinates.

New: Additional and more helpful announcements have been added when using Adobe Reader XI and Windows Media Player.

Tip: For Windows Media Player users, SuperNova now announces helpful information when pressing the following Windows Media Player hotkeys:

  • Press CONTROL+P to play/pause
  • Press CONTROL+H to turn shuffle on/off
  • Press CONTROL+T to turn repeat on/off
  • Press CONTROL+SHIFT+C to turn captions on/off
  • Press CONTROL+S to stop
  • Press CONTROL+F to go to next
  • Press CONTROL+B to go to previous
  • Press F9 to decrease the volume
  • Press F8 to increase the volume
  • Press F7 to mute/unmute
  • Press CONTROL+J to eject
  • Press ALT+1 to adjust the video size to 50%
  • Press ALT+2 to adjust the video size to 100%
  • Press ALT+3 to adjust the video size to 200%
  • Press CONTROL+M to use classic menus

Fix: Negative numbers are no longer read as decimals in French. #26631

Fix: Font smoothing artifacts are no longer displayed in .NET 4 (Windows Presentation Foundation) applications.

Fix: On slower PCs Internet Explorer was crashing. This has now been resolved.

Fix: When activating a link using SPACEBAR the Dolphin Cursor no longer jumps to the top of the page. #27436

Fix: Control how and when column and row headings are announced in Excel spreadsheets. You can change the detection method used to recognise headings and also adjust the search margin beyond the range of visible cells. The heading detection methods available include:

  • Bold text
  • Different cell colour background
  • Different cell pattern
  • Underlined text
  • Italicized text
  • Different sized text
  • Different coloured text
  • First text cell In current range
  • First text cell In row/column

Tip: To change these settings open the Excel script configuration dialog box by pressing CAPS LOCK+X while running Excel 2003, Excel 2007, or Excel 2010.

Tip: You can toggle whether headings are automatically announced in Excel using LEFT CONTROL+CAPS LOCK+H.

Fix: The hotkeys that announce missed messages from Skype's text chat window now work in Skype version 6. #28871

Tip: Press CONTROL+H to read the whole history, press CONTROL+M to read the missed messages and press CONTROL+L to read the last message in the chat window.

Fix: The Calendar in Windows Live Mail now speaks, as well as including some speed improvements. #24071, #21827

Fix: Pressing the Additional Focus Information hotkey now correctly announces the function of buttons on Windows Live Mail's ribbon bar.

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