SuperNova 13.54 is a free update available to existing SuperNova 13 customers, and includes:

  • Forms and Flash announced with initial support for Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.
  • Bold italic and underline hotkey announcements fixed in Microsoft Office applications.
  • Middle Mouse Button fix reads PDF in Adobe Reader 11.
  • Optimize default punctuation spoken by SuperNova Reader Magnifier.

Important note: customers using Internet Explorer 9 are advised against installing this SuperNova update and to continue using SuperNova 13.53.

Fixes and changes in the SuperNova 13.54 update are listed below.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 11

  • Typing in edit areas now speaks characters and words in most situations. Cycle Character Echo with CAPS+SEMICOLON.
  • Flash. Dolphin Cursor and quick navigation keys move through accessible Flash controls. Keyboard users can now easily control video playback on sites such as For example, press B to move to the next Button even if the button is inside a Flash player.
  • Performance improvement. SuperNova no longer becomes sluggish on some sites including the CNIB Library.

Microsoft Office 2013/2010/2007

  • FIX: Keys to toggle Bold Italic and Underline now speak again as expected when applying styles to text in Microsoft Office applications.
  • NEW: Announce when removing cell borders in Excel spreadsheets.
  • NEW: To and CC fields announced when using the LEFT SHIFT+NUMPAD7 hotkey to speak email message headers in Outlook. Useful whether deciding to reply to all recipients.

AdobeReader 11

  • FIX: Click and Read. Middle mouse button speaks accessible PDFs.
  • FIX: Document Read (NUMPAD PLUS). In SuperNova Reader Magnifier, when reading is interrupted, cursor is now correctly routed to the most recently spoken word. Equivalent to SuperNova Access Suite.
  • FIX: Dolphin Cursor fixes to prevent some lines becoming unexpectedly split and improved scrolling when reading PDFs with UP and DOWN arrow keys.

SuperNova Reader Magnifier

  • NEW: Dolphin has reduced the default punctuation level in SuperNova Reader Magnifier to "none" in response to customer feedback. This change prevents punctuation being announced unexpectedly in menus causing difficulties in some languages. To hear more punctuation, alter punctuation announcements from SuperNova Control Panel > Speech > Text Style Announcements.

Known Issues

  • Internet Explorer 9. Dolphin is investigating reports of stuttering speech when reading headings and focus unexpectedly jumping to toolbar when activating links. People still on Internet Explorer 9 should continue using SuperNova 13.53 until further notice. Fix expected in 13.55.
  • Line View and Multiple Video Cards only supported in Windows 7. Multiple monitor support can be achieved in Windows 8 with dual header video cards.
  • True Fonts coming soon in Internet Explorer 11 and Office 2013. Classic font smoothing used in meantime.
  • Text may get truncated when using the keyboard to move through bulleted lists in Internet Explorer 11. For best results, customers advised to continue using Internet Explorer 10 where possible.
  • Multiple documents opened in Microsoft Word can result in the wrong document being spoken and Brailled. A fix is in progress.
  • Signing in to some Scandinavian banks relying on Java not supported. Issue is being investigated.

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