This free update for all existing SuperNova 13.50 customers includes:

  • Improve productivity in Microsoft Office with extended speech support for comments and revisions in Word.
  • Fixes for: web forms, Arabic language support and Windows Live Mail 2012 on Windows 7.

Microsoft Word

  • NEW: Comments and Revisions at the cursor are announced in full by pressing the Additional Focus Information key (SHIFT + NUMPAD 0 on desktops).
  • Note, Move the cursor to the next comment or revision with CAPS + C or CAPS + R. List all comments and revisions in the document with CAPS TAB.

Microsoft Outlook

  • FIX: Reading HTML email with the Dolphin Cursor has been rewritten to be more reliable.

Internet Explorer

  • FIX: Selected List box items announced reliably to help with form-filling on the web.
  • FIX: Flash Control for BBC iPlayer.

Arabic Language Support

  • FIX: Outlook email message reading accuracy improved.
  • FIX: fonts at the command prompt are redrawn correctly.
  • FIX: Help button graphics in the SuperNova control panel displayed correctly.

Windows Live Mail 2012

  • FIX: Application dialogs accurately read with speech and Braille.
  • FIX: BACKSPACE while writing email speaks deleted characters to help with editing email.
  • FIX: Tabbing between “to” and “cc” the message header labels are announced.

Note, a known issue with unreliable Word Echo exists when running Windows Live Mail 2012 on Windows 8.


  • NEW: SuperNova retries automatically to detect USB Braille displays giving you more time to plug-in your device.
  • FIX: Skype About box including version number spoken and Brailled.

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