SuperNova 13.56 is a free updates for SuperNova 13.5x and includes:

  • Fixes to True Fonts to improve the appearance of magnified text in Windows 8 and Microsoft Office 2013.
  • Magnification fixes provides greater stability in Windows 8.1.
  • Focus highlighting more accurately tracks the visual focus when reading documents
  • Improved application support for Internet Explorer, Abbyy FineReader, Windows Live Mail and Windows Essentials

True Fonts

  • Initial True Font support for Microsoft Office 2013 running on Windows 8.1.
  • TIP: Magnified applications look stunning with Dolphin's True Font Technology which even supports vertical, diagonal and spiral text. Press LEFT CONTROL + NUMPAD8 (in the default desktop hot key set) to cycle through the 3 font smoothing options: True Fonts, Standard and None.
  • Anti-aliased text and text with shadows are now displayed correctly in Truefonts on Windows 8.


  • Fixed a problem where magnification could stop working when launching applications in Windows 8.1.
  • Fixed an issue with switching between multiple monitors using a hotkey.
  • TIP: With Extended Desktop enabled, press WINDOWS KEY + SHIFT + LEFT or RIGHT ARROW to move applications between monitors. Press CAPSLOCK + MIDDLE MOUSE BUTTON to jump the pointer to the next monitor without losing your magnified position.
  • When changing magnification level, your magnified position is remembered more reliably.
  • Magnification level adjustments made from SuperNova's Control Panel pull down menus are now applied as expected.

Focus highlighting

  • While reading documents, the colored highlight that draws attention to your position is now tracked more accurately.
  • Fixed various Focus highlighting issues in SuperNova screen reader.

Mouse pointers

  • Custom mouse pointers now render correctly when screen colors are inverted.
  • Custom mouse pointers are now always visible when running SuperNova on a secure desktop


  • SuperNova's default punctuation verbosity has been set to "some" while reading documents. Change spoken punctuation level for: editing, dialogs, menus, Read from Here and Dolphin Cursor from SuperNova Control Panel/Speech menu/Text Style Announcements dialog.


  • New default podcasts have been added to SuperNova LaunchPad accessed with CAPSLOCK+F10.

Application support

Internet Explorer

  • SuperNova now more accurately reports spaces and line breaks on web pages displayed in Internet Explorer 11
  • Fixed a problem where Internet Explorer could crash after opening hyperlinks in Microsoft Outlook 2013

Windows 8

  • Fixed a problem where Windows 8.0 Apps could fail after being launched from the Windows Start Screen.

Abbyy FineReader

  • SuperNova now supports Abbyy FineReader v12

Windows Live Mail

  • The Dolphin cursor is no longer automatically enabled in Windows Live Mail edit areas
  • When reading messages in Windows Live Mail, SuperNova no longer breaks up text based on quotation marks or spelling errors.
  • TIP: You can now use the hotkey CAPSLOCK+Q to access Windows Live Mail's Quick Access Toolbar.

Windows Essentials

  • SuperNova now speaks prompts as expected during the Windows Essentials set-up.

Other v13 releases:

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