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About SuperNova at Home

With SuperNova, people with visual impairments can use a computer to read, communicate, access information and entertainment. SuperNova supports your independence, with three editions to choose from:

  • SuperNova Magnifier
  • SuperNova Magnifier & Speech
  • SuperNova Magnifier & Screen Reader

Customise SuperNova to suit your level of sight. You can adjust levels of magnification, speech and braille, or add more if your vision changes over time.

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Compare SuperNova Editions

SuperNova Magnifier


  • Magnify computer screen
  • Customise colour schemes
  • Enhanced text smoothing
  • Touchscreen magnification
  • Use across multiple screens
  • Connect to cameras
  • Includes EasyReader Premium
  • One-year Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA)
  • One hour training by telephone (UK only)

SuperNova Magnifier & Speech



All features in SuperNova Magnifier plus:

  • Human-sounding voices
  • Reads content of web pages, emails and documents aloud
  • Scan, print and read with audio
  • Split speech and other audio
  • Control voice reading speed
  • One-year Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA)
  • One hour training by telephone (UK only)

SuperNova Magnifier & Screen Reader



All features in SuperNova Magnifier & Speech plus:

  • Complete screen reader
  • Explore with keyboard
  • Announces punctuation, formatting, spelling errors and on-screen changes
  • Braille display support
  • One-year Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA)
  • One hour training by telephone (UK only)

SuperNova Key Features

Sharp Magnification

Read with superior text magnification - as big as you need! SuperNova also sharpens images for clarity and a better experience.

Easy Navigation

SuperNova makes exploring the screen easy. Large mouse pointers and highlights track text for easy navigation!

Contrasting Colours

Enjoy a more comfortable experience. Choose background and font colours and adjust to your own preferences.

Text to Speech

Rest your eyes and listen to the words you type or read from the screen. SuperNova has a range of human-sounding voices.

Screen Reading

Explore digital information independently as you navigate on screen information with the Dolphin Cursor to listen or read with braille.

Braille Support

SuperNova works with over 60 electronic braille display models. Connect your braille display to type, read and explore the screen.

Connect & View

Read printed material independently with magnification or speech. SuperNova connects to a document camera so you can read your post, labels, magazines etc

Scan & Read

Connect to a scanner and you can read printed words. Built-in Optical Character Recognition (OCR) makes printed text and text in images accessible.

Talking Books

Dolphin EasyReader Premium is included with SuperNova. It provides access to over a million titles to read with enlarged text or audio.

Explore more SuperNova Features

SuperNova is available in three editions, each with its own unique features that support a wide range of visual impairments.

Read more about the features in each SuperNova edition to find which one is best for your needs.

SuperNova Features List

Training and Support

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SuperNova Training

Dolphin offers a range of training. Plus, if you have a new Personal SuperNova licence and are UK-based, you get one-hour free training by phone.

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Training Courses

Free online courses which help you learn everything you need to know about SuperNova for personal use.

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SuperNova Support

Choose your support options for SuperNova from the Knowledge Base, Quick Reference Guides, Technical Guides and more.

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Contact Support

You can call, email or book a call-back with the Dolphin Support Team, for help with technical support.

All new SuperNova customers in the UK with a Personal licence receive one hour of free training from Dolphin via telephone.

How SuperNova Helps

SuperNova on a laptop

Access Emails, Documents and Apps

Use SuperNova magnification, speech and braille features to access all of your favourite Windows applications.

SuperNova gives reliable access to Office 365, so you can read and type documents, spreadsheets and emails with magnification, speech or braille.

Browse the internet at home with accessibility features including magnification and screen reading. SuperNova improves the accessibility of Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox web browsers.

  SuperNova Features  

Scan & Read

Independence and privacy is maintained for people who are visually impaired, with the Scan & Read function in SuperNova.

As the name suggests, with SuperNova you can simply scan any printed information such as letters, magazine articles or appointment cards. SuperNova turns the printed words into speech, which it will then read aloud, so you can listen to the words printed.

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Scanning a paper document
Document camera used with SuperNova

An Affordable Video Magnifier

Increase your independence and retain your privacy at home with the Connect & View feature in SuperNova. It means you won't need others to read out private information, such as personal letters or prescriptions.

Connect a document camera or CCTV (not included) and use the Connect & View function in SuperNova to view a magnified version on screen. You can magnify things such as craft work, greeting cards, handwritten notes, magazines, food packaging, medicine labels and photos.

Simply place the article under your camera to view it on screen with your preferred magnification and colour settings. You can also snap a picture to save or send to others via email.

  More SuperNova Features  

Dolphin Large Print Keyboard

Improve your accuracy and confidence when typing, with the Dolphin large print keyboard. Its high-contrast, large print keys are designed specifically for use by people with low vision, so that the letters and numbers are easy to recognise.

If your sight fluctuates throughout the day, you can quickly adjust the magnification level or speech settings using special Dolphin buttons on the keyboard. These buttons provide shortcuts to magnification or speech, to help you work comfortably at your computer. 

Other quick-button controls help make SuperNova faster to use. You can bring up the control panel, split the screen and access help pages.

  More Dolphin Accessories  

SuperNova USB in laptop
Dolphin USB plugged into laptop

SuperNova USB

If you use different devices at home - perhaps you use a PC for work and a laptop for leisure - or you want to use computers outside your home, you can take SuperNova with you on a USB.

Simply plug this pocket-size device into any Windows computer and access all your usual SuperNova functions and settings.

  More About SuperNova USB  

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